Nail Art Tutorial: Cobwebs

This is the first instance I'd be sharing a freehand cobweb nail art for Halloween. I wanted a more realistic feel of spider webs every time I include them on my designs, but failed miserably without using stamping plates. I gave it another try for this year's 2014 Halloween series and I really love how it turned out.

Take a look:

Cobwebs Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Swatches: OPI Coca-Cola 2014 Collection

Leave it to OPI for amazing collaborations. This particular one is close to my heart because I love to drink Coke. Although I am trying to cut back on the frequency.

I was able to get my hands on the entire OPI Coca-Cola 2014 Collection through the OPI 10 Pack of Style Mini Nail Lacquers that contained all the 9 shades of the collection plus an OPI Top Coat. All colors were inspired by Coca-Cola products through the years. This is a great addition to my collection of OPI minis.

The packaging:

OPI 10 Pack of Sytle Mini Nail Lacquers

Nail Art Tutorial: Itsy Bitsy and Hairy Spiders

This is the first for my Halloween nail art design series of 2014. If you are a new subscriber, every year I come up with a series of freehand nail art in time for Halloween. I also do this for Valentine's and Christmas. But I missed the last season of hearts. So to make up for it, I'm starting the Halloween series a little early this year. It is actually a yearly challenge that I quite enjoy.

Let's kickoff the Halloween nail designs here at Simply Rins with a video nail art tutorial. But first, take a look at what I came up with:

Itsy Bitsy and Hairy Spiders Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Review: The Cure by Deborah Lippmann

As a nail artist / blogger, I often abuse my nails with regular manicure change. More so when I swatch nail polishes. It also doesn't help much that I do a lot of housework. And so, I have made it a habit to take extra care of my nails. I have tried several hand creams and lotions, cuticle oils, and cuticle creams. Today, I'd like to share with you an amazing product called The Cure. It's an award-winning ultra nourishing cuticle repair cream by Deborah Lippmann. It's the latest addition to her cuticle care line.

To review this product, I decided to wear naked nails for at least 5 days. I massaged The Cure onto my nails, paying particular attention to my cuticles, twice a day.

Out of the box:

The Cure by Deborah Lippmann

Nail Art: Blue Scratches

When I moved to the new place a few months ago, I adopted a stray cat and named her "Floozie". Not that she is one, I really just like that name. I actually used that as a character name when I was still into online gaming. A shocking revelation? But let's not get into that. It was too long ago since I played. This post is about how my feline friend inspired this freehand nail art.

It is my first time to have a cat as a pet. We always had a dog. And Floozie wasn't a domesticated cat when she came into my life (or house). I didn't know much about cats. So during the times I tried to bath, cuddle, or play with her, I sometimes get scratched. I have a lot on my legs and arms. Thankfully, she is more at peace with me now and I have less and less scratches.

This nail art is to remember her (playful) scratches:

Blue Scratches Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Nail Art: 80s Gradient

This is probably the first time you'll see a gradient manicure here in my blog. I didn't think it was my style until recently when I reviewed the Deborah Lippmann 80s Rewind Collection. I chose 3 colors from the collection and thought it would look great together. I initially wanted to use all the 6 shades, but my nails are not long enough to accommodate all 6. It probably would look like rainbow nails, which would be really nice.

Without further a do ...

80s Gradient Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Nail Art: Gilas Pilipinas (Basketball)

I barely know anything about basketball. Seriously. Please don't hate me, but I was never a fan of the sport. It would be difficult for anyone to convince me to watch a game. Having said that, my recent news feed on Facebook has been all about Gilas Pilipinas and the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 hosted by Spain and I felt disconnected because I couldn't relate. So I did my homework to know what was the fuzz about.

I learned that the Philippines is once again represented in this years FIBA Basketball World Cup after 60 years! The last time we participated was last 1954 and we won the bronze medal. I suddenly felt bad that I wasn't even able to watch a single game of Team Philippines or more popularly known as Gilas Pilipinas. Even though I am not fond of basketball, it would have been great to show some support for the players of Gilas.

We didn't make it to the second round. We had a 1-4 score. 1 win and 4 loses. The team is already back here in Manila, Philippines as I write this and I know the chances of them seeing this basketball nail art is almost impossible. But regardless that this show of support is late (sorry), I still did it because I feel proud for them.

Here it is:

Basketball Nail Art by Simply Rins

Nail Artist Feature: The Nailinator

In my part of the world, nail art bloggers are almost rare. So when I knew about Rachael, a fellow nail artist here in the Philippines, I couldn't (really) wait to meet her. So came that fateful day that we had a girls night out in her hometown, Cebu City. Before our meeting, I was excited and scared at the same time even though we have chatted a few times already. But then the moment we finally met, I realized I just got scared for nothing. She was not only pretty, she was super friendly as well. We became friends almost instantly. It's so easy to open up to this wonderful person.

I invited her to guest post here at Simply Rins because I think her nail art is amazing. I'll let her take over from here. :)


Hello everyone!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be guest posting here on Rina's blog! My name is Rachael (also known as The Nailinator) and I am a nail art addict. When I first got into nail art a few years ago, I searched for other Philippine-based nail blogs and Simply Rins was the first one I ever found. I spent a long while oohing and aahing over Rina's designs, and I've been a big fan ever since. I've even had the pleasure of meeting her in person and I'm an even bigger fan now. She is such a sweet soul. She's got some amazing skills and creativity, and I'm honored that she asked me to share a little something with you all today!

The weather has been so gloomy here lately, and I've been in such a gloomy mood, so I decided I needed something bright and fun on my nails STAT! Here's what I came up with: