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Nail Art: Washed Out Rainbow

I really wanted to do more nail art. But I have been suffering from a nasty and persistent cough for almost 3 weeks now. However, I was going back to the beach and I just can't go with bare nails. So I did my nails, enduring the occasional coughs. My mood was terrible, but my spirits were high. I didn't need to struggle for an idea. I needed a rainbow nail art to cheer me up ... and, to accompany me to the beach.

Before anything else, here's how it turned out:

Washed Out Rainbow Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

There's a lot of rainbow nail designs done by several nail art bloggers/artists. Using stripes is probably one of the most popular technique used. I decided to do the same. I didn't want to worry about precised lines so I figured I'd use the dubbing method to paint the design.

I used a flat angled nail art brush for this freehand rainbow nail art instead of a striping brush. If you'd like to have defined lines, you're better off with the latter.

Washed Out Rainbow Nail Art (freehand)

OPI Alpine Snow was my choice of white base nail polish. I used 2 coats. And I painted the design with acrylic paints. I followed the ROYGBIV pattern for the color sequence and decided to start near the cuticle area and finish at the tips. This is one nail design that fully covers the nails.

This is fairly easy to do, even with a non-dominant hand. But as I finished doing the nail on my pinky finger (I do one nail first to see the result), I felt I needed to add something more. I thought that a washed out or faded look would look good. So after painting the rainbow stripes, I lightly brushed a very thin/watery white acrylic paint over the entire design. It was an experiment that worked. I got that washed out look I wanted.

Here's a close-up:

Washed Out Rainbow Nail Art (close-up)

The washed out effect will depend on how thin the white paint is. All I did was water down the paint on my palette, pick it up on the angled brush and lightly stroke it on the design. I didn't have time to do a video tutorial on this, but I really wanted to.

I still like the look even if the added white layer made the colors less bright. The best thing is, it really looked attractive when under the sun. It was the perfect beach companion and mood changer! Everytime I looked at my nails, I tell myself that I did this regardless if my cough interrupted me while I paint. Then I'd (weirdly) tell my cough that he can't make me stop doing nail art and it makes me feel good. How silly did that sound? :)

Washed Out Rainbow Nail Art Design

Oh, and I added a few random dots before sealing the nail design with top coat. I have no other reason why I did it except that I thought it would make the nail art more interesting. Sort of like an addition to the faded effect? It make look awkward to some, but I loved it.

Washed Out Rainbow Nail Art

I'm enjoying the summer here in the Philippines by traveling to amazing beaches. And I'd make sure to decorate my nails so they could share my enjoyment.

Have you done a rainbow nail art? What twist did you add to personalize it?

Please share with me your thoughts. Is this Washed Out Rainbow Nail Art a thumbs up?
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Nail Art: Pink Waves

I went to the beach last week. It is officially summer here in the Philippines and an opportunity knocked to explore a beautiful island called Calaguas. I just came from another trip a few days before heading to Calaguas. The only time I had to do my nails was the night before we left Manila. Talk about pressure! All I could come up with is that I want to paint my nails pink!

Say what? Pink? Yes, for a girl who rarely wears pink, I wanted hot pink nails for the trip to the beach! I also didn't have much time for nail art so I recreated my I Can't Draw a Straight Line nail art. It turned out like this:

Pink Waves Nail Art Design by Simply Rins
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Nail Art: Strawberry and More Strawberries

The Strawberry nail art is probably one of the favorites in the nail art community. There has been a lot of recreations over the years. It's easy to do and really looks attractive on the nails. It was actually one of the designs I first did when I was still starting as a nail art blogger. But as we develop our skills as a nail artist, we also develop our personal style and we find ways to put twists into existing nail designs. This is a challenge I welcomed as I recreated the famous Strawberry nail art once again.

Let me show you first how I painted it this time:

Strawberry and More Strawberries Nail Art Design by Simply Rins
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Nail Art: Pastel Floral on Nude

One of my favorite color from the Revlon Nude Expressions nail polish collection is Mocha. I wore it right after reviewing the entire collection. I wanted a floral nail design to go with it. The idea is rather simple. I payed more attention to the colors instead of the design. I'll let you judge for yourself if this resulted good or bad.

This is how it looks:

Floral Pastel on Nude Nail Art Design
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Revlon Nude Expressions Nail Polish Collection

If you like nude nail polishes, then I have a strong feeling that you'll enjoy going through this swatch post.

To say that this collection has been sitting on my polish rack untouched can be considered a crime against the nail polish community. As in, it has been waiting there for several months. I know, I know. How could I, right? Well, can I just say that life happened. But I'm really trying my best to make up for backlogs. So, here goes ...

I'll be sharing with you Revlon's Nude Expressions nail polish collection that they released last year. As the name suggests, all lacquers in this set has a neutral shade. I am not really a fan of nudes. But there are times that I like to wear them for subtlety.

I have swatched each bottle in a manner that I can show you how it looks like in full opacity. Please also note that everything was pictured with a layer of top coat.

There are 8 polishes in the collection, but I only have 7 to show you. Sadly, Sandy Nude was broken when I got it in the mail. I'll try to look for it at the mall and will update this post when I find one.

Okay, let's begin.

Revlon Porcelain
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Nail Art Quote Picture No.12

"There is integrity in recognizing originality and creativity."

Nail Art Quote Picture No.12
Nail art used in photo is Purple Bricks.
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Deborah Lippmann: Mermaid Collection

The Deborah Lippmann Mermaid Collection came out 2013. So I have no excuse of only being able to swatch it now. It is a collection born out of "Mermaid's Dream", the first color that came out that instantly became a fan favorite. It was also the first bottle that I got. I have worn it several times and my mom loves the shade too.

It is only apt that I start with this color as it launched 4 more gorgeous shades:

Deborah Lippmann: Mermaid's Dream
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Nail Art Tutorial: Red Tribal

It's post Valentine's Day here in my part of the world and I celebrated the day of hearts with an unconventional Valentine's nail art. Unconventional because it doesn't have hearts or roses or any symbol that obviously tells you it's for Valentine's. But I did use the color red just to make it fit for the occasion. I called this one -- Red Tribal. The name is a giveaway on what this nail art looks like. So without further ado ...

Red Tribal Nail Art by Simply Rins
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Nail Art: Polka Hearts

Are your nails ready for Valentine's? Perhaps this nail art design will give you an idea.

I have been receiving a lot of comments lately on my channels because of a recent copyright issue. Two words from those comments became my inspiration for this Valentine's nail art -- basic and common. So I played with basic shapes of hearts and circles to come up with a common nail design ... Polka Hearts!

Take a look:

Polka Hearts Nail Art Design by Simply Rins
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