Frequently Asked Questions

Are the nail designs hand painted?
Yes, I hand painted all my nail art designs unless stated otherwise. After trying several nail art methods, I fell in love with freehand since 3rd quarter of 2010 and have been challenging my creativity since then.

Do you paint on natural nails or are those artificial nails?
I do freehand nail art on my natural nails. If I use artificial nails, it will be properly stated.

I would like to have one of your nail art done on my nails. Where is your nail salon located?
Sadly, I do not have a nail art salon. Perhaps in the future I'll be able to setup one. For the meantime, I do nail art as a hobby and share it in my nail art blog. Hopefully, it can inspire nail art enthusiasts to try nail painting or simply come up with ideas based on my designs.

Why are you using acrylic paints instead of nail polishes for your nail art?
By personal preference, I usually use acrylic paint for freehand nail art. But there are designs wherein I use only nail polish or use a combination of acrylic paint and polishes. I clearly mention this in my nail art entries.

Here are the advantages of using acrylic paint:
  • Acrylic paints are more manageable in terms of brush strokes compared to using nail polish because of its consistency and it does not dry as quickly as polishes.
  • Mistakes are easier to erase with water or alcohol when you use acrylic paints for nail art. You can do this without damaging the polished nail. Just make sure the polish is completely dry before you start painting a design.
  • You can create any color you like by mixing acrylic paints on a palette. With nail lacquers, you are limited with what colors you have on your stash.
  • It is cheaper than nail polish.
  • If you are into shading, acrylic paints are easier to work with compared to nail polishes.

What brand of acrylic paint do you recommend?
I bought my first set of acrylic paints from Born Pretty Nail Art. If shipping here in the Philippines is not so much of a hassle, I would continue to buy from them. I love the consistency of all their acrylic paints. Black and white are the most used acrylic colors. I used up a tube of each in a few months and I had to find alternative brands that is locally available. After several trial and errors, I grew fondly of Liquitex acrylic paints. It is available in all National Bookstores.

It is important to remember that choosing a set of acrylic paints is completely based on what works for you. Each tube has its own consistency and opacity.

To know more, please visit my articles on nail art tools:

Are the acrylic paints you use the same as the ones artists use?
Yes, it is.

What brand of nail art brush are you using?
I purchased a few sets of nail art brushes from Amazon and they do not have a brand. Nail art brushes are relatively cheap, you don't need to buy the expensive ones. Based on personal experience, you just need to find the ones that will best work for you. I recommend looking for a good detailing and striping nail art brush and when you do find a set that suits you, buy an extra set.

Are you ambidextrous?
No. I am right-handed. I cannot write with my left hand. But as they say, if you really want something so badly, you'll always find a way to do it.

Q: How do you paint with your non-dominant hand?
TLC (tender loving care) for my hands and lots and lots of practice.

When I started doing freehand nail painting, both my hands, especially my left hand (non-dominant) were shaky. This was obvious in my first freehand nail art posts. But I was in love with nail art and I challenged myself to work on my weaker hand. I concentrated on how to avoid shaking, which I think is the ultimate hindrance to painting with a non-dominant hand.

Here are some personal tips on how to avoid shaking:
  • Avoid carrying heavy loads using your hands. Based on my experience, it makes it harder for me to grip smaller objects, such as a nail art brush.
  • Caffeine will make your hands shake. So if you intend to do some nail art, avoid coffee.
  • No to high sugar intake. Lay low on desserts when you plan on nail painting.
  • Work on a steady surface.
  • Grip the nail art brush near the bristles. This will make it easier to control your strokes.

You may watch my video tutorial on this here:
How to Paint With Your Non-Dominant Hand

Do you use a magnifying glass when you do nail art?
No. But I am currently using bifocal glasses to help me see clearer. My opthalmologist recommended it to me to help my eyes focus better. Eye degeneration is inevitable as one ages.

Do you accept product reviews?
Yes. As long as it is in line with the blog's niche. All products sent to me for review are fully disclosed at the end of the post. Positive and negative (if any) personal feedback will be mentioned to maintain impartial consideration of the product/s.