This website or blog called Simply Rins, with URL at www.rina-alcantara.com, is solely owned, written, and edited by the author/owner. It is a beauty and fashion blog with a particular focus on nail art.

All nail art designs found on this blog are my original creations unless otherwise stated. I polish my own nails and paint the designs myself using nail art brushes and acrylic paints. Other photos or designs that are not mine will be properly credited.

I am not a nail technician. But I know how to clean my own nails.

I sometimes do reviews on products that I personally purchased or those that were sent to me for consideration. In any way that I acquired the item/s, reviews will always be honest and impartial. A full disclosure will be included in review posts wherein product/s were sent as gifts.

Although I welcome gifts, I will only accept those that I think will suit the niche of this blog.

You will find occasional reviews of nail salons in this website. These are results of anonymous and unannounced visits. I always pay for all the services that I availed during the time of visit, even if I was invited. The readers of my blog are very important to me and this practice would help create credibility to my nail salon reviews.

UPDATE (added on July 16, 2014):
Succeeding nail salon reviews from this update forward will include full disclosure if invited and is given free services. It has been hard for me to visit nail salons in the city that allows clients to take pictures. It has also been difficult but quite complimenting to hide my identity. Nevertheless, readers of this blog can always rely that all reviews will be impartial and truthful.

Reviews are not absolute. It may vary from person to person. So please read accordingly.

You may contact me here for any questions or concerns.