Rina Alcantara of Simply RinsHi, and welcome to my blog -- Simply Rins! My name is Rina Alcantara, but you may simply call me Rins. I'm from Manila, Philippines.

I started Simply Rins during the last quarter of 2009 because I wanted to create an outlet where I could write about any of my personal tidbits. Soon, I wanted an identity for my blog. But I was lost on what road to take. A good friend recommended that I just keep on writing and promised that eventually, I will find what I am looking for. True enough, I did.

I had occasional nail art posts when 2010 came. I was limited to using nail stickers then. As much as I wanted to have art painted on my nails on every nail salon visit, I found them quite expensive to have on a regular basis. Then it hit me. I'm an artist! I can paint my own nails! And so, by mid of the same year, I embraced my nail art fascination and tested my artistic skills.

I discovered several methods of decorating nails. The easiest I've tried were nail stickers. Then I explored the art of nail stamping with the use of pre-designed image plates. However, I became weary of certain limitations it imposed. I wanted to be able to create nail designs that manifest my personal style. This idea paved way to challenge myself to try freehand nail painting. I am enjoying this technique the most as imagination is the only limitation. I have concentrated on this style since then.

I chose to express myself through my nails. Truly, nail art is a statement. And through my blog, I hope to help and inspire those which shares the same passion.