Nail Art: Don't Be Blue

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
by Eleanor Roosevelt

This particular nail art is yet again ... personal. Yes, it is a floral nail design because I wanted it to be. Because I want a reminder that life is both ups and downs. You see, I had high hope when 2016 came. I was supposed to take on a new challenge but decided otherwise. Since then, I've felt that perhaps I made a wrong call, yet again. And now, I find myself in a crossroad and I feel bound to do what is right and set aside my emotions. Am not sure how long I can take it, but I'd like to see this through ... until I can't anymore.

I've been wearing this nail art for about a week now and it is surprisingly still decent despite doing household chores. No awkward chipping yet. I take it as a sign that the universe is trying to cheer me up. My life has been blue. You know what I mean. So anyway, I called this piece of art, Don't Be Blue.

Don't Be Blue Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

It's a freehand design that I have been meaning to try for quite some time now. I wanted a simple floral design that would look like a gift wrapper stuck on my nails. I've always been drawn to this kind of designs since I dabbled into freestyle nail art. They're consistent and at the same time random to look at. Did that make any sense at all?

Don't Be Blue Nail Art on Dazzle Dry Mystic Blue 4U

I used Dazzle Dry Mystic Blue 4U as base in 2 coats. Lovely basic blue color. Then I used a dotting tool, a detail nail art brush, and acrylic paints for the design. The most challenging part was painting the leaves because I wanted them thin so I can have more than one on each nail and still have a few small flowers to scatter around. I liked how it turned out.

Don't Be Blue Nail Art - Freehand Nail Design

Whenever I look down on my nails during the past week, I try to be more positive. No matter how other people try to make me feel inadequate, it shouldn't really bring me down. There have been unkindness coming in so many directions, it's very draining. So many words thrown at me that feels _____ ! Ack! I can't even think of a word for it! But hey, they're just words, right? They may be hurtful, but as the saying goes, it can only hurt me if I let it.

Don't Be Blue by Simply Rins

As what this nail art represents, there have been positive events last week. My best friend came to my rescue, a company have shown me the utmost appreciation to my portfolio, and I got to teach nail art to a very enthusiastic group of ladies. So yes, maybe I am feeling blue. But I've had special moments that balanced the equation and I feel blessed that regardless of my very persistent sad mood, I was given reason to still smile.

Nail Art: Don't Be Blue

Please forgive the dramatics. I am full of emotions right now. I do hope that the nail art photos were a good distraction. ;) It's almost Valentine's day and am crossing my fingers I will get the inspiration ... and time ... to at least share one themed nail art. Stay tuned!


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  1. Your nail artwork is fantastic and beautiful! If you only knew how many you inspire with your pretty designs you would be amazed! Do not let the bullies of the world get you down. You are good and stronger than that! Be brave and believe in yourself! There is power in faith and love! God Bless You! Kat

  2. Seeing your work after a long time :) Amazing!

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