Nail Art: For the Love of Abstract

Some say that miracles happen during new year and I think it's true because by some miracle, I was able to do some nail art. Finally! Before I mumble anything else here, how about I greet all of you a very Happy New Year! I'm claiming 2016 as my year, the year I'll be turning 40! Yay! I can't wait for my life to begin.

So to kick start the year, I decided to do some abstract nail art. I find these designs very timeless and classy. Check this out:

For the Love of Abstract Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

The idea for this freehand nail art is just to combine circles and lines, sort of like connecting the dots but in a more confusing way. Okay, am probably not making sense. The thing is, my life was a mess last year and things are starting to look up this year with exciting opportunities for 2016. Am being careful reconnecting the pieces of my life and I'd like a nail art that will tell me that story. Too deep? ;)

For the Love of Abstract Nail Art on Essie Virgin Snow

On to lighter things, I used Essie Virgin Snow in 2 coats for this nail design. It's a creme nail polish with a very pale purple tint. Great consistency all throughout my manicure. Am not really fond of pastels, but light bases are always good for a nail art design. Am sure you will agree.

I used a detail nail art brush, a striper, and acrylic paints for the design.

Abstract Nail Art by Simply Rins

The design is not completely random as per my usual designs. I painted 2 large circles near the cuticle area of the same color and another circle of a different color on the tip. Then using a stripping brush, I drew horizontal lines over the circles.

Freehand Abstract Nail Art by Simply Rins

To make this a little more interesting, I decided to alternate colors of the circles on each hand. Did you notice? ;) Purple circles first on my left hand and white on my right hand. It's a very subtle difference, but to me, it's a reminder to always look at things at different perspectives. Now I know am getting old because am starting to put too much meaning on my nail art designs!

For the Love of Abstract by Simply Rins

Have you also noticed that I changed my logo into a cat? If you have been following my Instagram, you know that I've turned into a crazy cat lady. I have been rescuing stray cats and I have 3 adopted 3 of them. I grew to love them dearly and thought it's time to make some changes on my logo. :) Will probably make a separate post on this

For the Love of Abstract Nail Art Design

There you go, one nail art down for 2016! If you're still there, do leave a comment below. :)


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  1. I love the nail art! And congratulations on becoming a cat lady! They're wonderful companions. :) Welcome back and hope to see more of you!

  2. This looks simply stunning. So glad your back and can't wait to see your upcoming nail art xx

  3. Yay for nail art! This is so pretty and perfect it almost looked stamped. The colors all look so great together.

  4. gorgeous manicure, love it :D
    glad you discovered crazy cat lady in yourself, join the club ;)

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