Nail Art: Violets are Blue

Roses are red, violets are blue
No one will ever love you, as much as I do

You've probably recognized that stanza from a famous poem everyone seems to know. I thought it would be dramatic (LOL) if I'd use part of that ryhme to name this abstract nail art. I did a violet ombre design that is simple and easy to do. This is not entirely unique as I have used this technique before in one of my previous nail arts. So I'll stop the rambling and just let you take a look at it first:

Violets are Blue Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

This past few weeks have been overwhelming and thinking about what is coming for the rest of the month is even more overwhelming. And I thought climbing a mountain was exhausting. Anyway, last week was probably the most crucial week of my personal life. For the longest time, I took the back seat and allowed someone to step on my self-esteem, repeatedly. I never really did something about it even though I could because I was brought up to always choose to be kind. But then it came to a point that I couldn't anymore. Or perhaps I should say that it came to a point that I needed to be kind to myself first and foremost. So I mustered the courage to finally do the right thing and it was absolutely liberating.

I know that you're confused with what I have just said. For now, it means more to me than you understanding what I have shared. So I'll go back to talking about this particular violet nail art ...

Violets are Blue Nail Art on Zoya Savita

For base, I used Zoya Savita in matte with top coat. The design was hand-painted freestyle using acrylic paints and a short striping nail art brush.

When a friend saw this nail art, she pointed out how it can be perceived in 2 different ways.

Violets are Blue Nail Art

You can actually see it as dripping paint or the opposite when it's upside down.

One thing to love in this design is that you really don't need that much precision when you are painting it. And another is that it can be done even if you have short nails. You just need to adjust the length of your lines. It would actually make your nails look longer.

Violets are Blue

My life has been on a downward spiral for a long time now and I'm starting to pick myself up. This blog is one of the reasons I am still sane and I want all of you to know how much I appreciate your patience and unending support for what I do here. Thank you.

Nail Art: Violets are Blue by Simply Rins

Any comments on this Violets are Blue nail art? :)


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  1. I hope you continue upwards! 😃 you definitely deserve that!
    And I love this nail art 😍

  2. I hope you continue upwards! 😃 you definitely deserve that!
    And I love this nail art 😍

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  5. omg I love your design and I love purple so much I'm gonna have to try this, my nails are short but fingers crossed it works out lol xx

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