Nail Art: No Direction

I share with you another abstract nail art. Abstract has always been my go-to for times when I don't have anything specific in mind for a nail design because I can just let brush strokes be spontaneous.

Often, my manicures have a some sort of a story behind it. I mean, it tells how I feel or what message I want to bring across. I take nail art to be very personal, that it tells a bit about myself. Allow me first to show you what I came up with before anything else:

No Direction Nail Art by Simply Rins

You probably have guessed by now why I called this "No Direction". There is no particular pattern. The lines are going in various directions. Well, my life has been like this for quite some time. For awhile, I felt shattered. One good thing about it all though, is that being pushed to my limits made me a stronger person. It gave me enough strength to take that necessary first step -- acceptance. I cannot say yet that everything have fallen into place. But at least I now know it is going to be.

Sorry for that little drama. I gives me relief to express myself here sometimes.

No Direction Nail Art on Deborah Lippmann Video Killed the Radio Star

Anyway, let's go back to talking about this bluish abstract art.

Seems like I've been drawn to shades of blue lately. I used Deborah Lippmann Video Killed the Radio Star as base color. I painted the design freehand with acrylic paints and a detail nail art brush. I initially thought of using white paint, but changed my mind the last minute to mixing a light blue for a more subtle effect.

No Direction Nail Art

To make this nail design more interesting, I decided to play with thick and thin lines. I am always fond of using this technique to give the illusion of a delicate touch to the overall feel of the nail art. I think it's an effective way of making any manicure look more intricate. I believe this can be difficult for some since thin lines requires more precision and better handling of the nail art brush. However, painting finer lines can be easier if you trim your bristles and just have a few left on the brush. ;)

an abstract nail art

Hopefully this simple doodle inspired you to explore the world of abstract designs. You may be surprised that the possibilities are endless. And the best thing is, you can never go wrong with abstracts because there are no rules on how it should be done.

No Direction Abstract Nail Art

I'd like to take this opportunity before ending this post, to say "Thank you" to everyone who sent me messages regarding the frequency of my blog posts. As I have mentioned on previous articles, nail art will always be my passion and I am not yet ready to stop. It warms my heart to know that I have passionate readers who are very thoughtful. I miss all of you. :)


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  1. I like your abstract manicure and I understand why you called it No Direction.. Sometimes life happens to us in most unusual ways that we don't like, don't approve or don't understand.. I wish you a lot of strength to find your way and to be happy! :-)

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