Nail Art: (OPI) Fifty Shades of Grey

The movie Fifty Shades of Grey is now showing here in my part of the world and I am quite sure that a lot of people have been anticipating its release. OPI came out with a nail polish collection for the movie comprising of 6 shades, 5 of which are greys and a red one to represent passion. Of course, there's a mini polishes box set as well that includes all the colors from the collection.

OPI Fifty Shades of Grey

No swatches in this post. Instead, I would like to share with you a couple of manicures I did with the OPI Fifty Shades of Grey collection. If you want a matching manicure when you see the movie or maybe because you are simply a fan of the book/movie, then perhaps you can find some inspiration with these simple ideas.

This first one is a sponge manicure using 3 shades from the collection:

I used OPI Dark Side of the Mood, Cement the Deal, and Embrace the Grey to create the gradient look. It's not 50 shades of grey, but it is pretty regardless. Perhaps you could use more shades of grey if you have longer nails. That would probably look more amazing.

Aside from the creme, I also wanted to play with the only glitter polish of the collection. But on it's own, it is difficult to get complete nail coverage. So I used a technique I learned from a friend -- The Nailinator. I read a tip on her blog on how to easily increase opacity of glitter polish on the nails. Using her tip, I used load the glitter polish on a sponge and dabbed it on my nails. The best thing about this technique is that polish build up is at a minimum since the sponge absorbs the base of the glitter polish. Brilliant, right?

So this is OPI Shine For Me on OPI Dark Side of the Mood:

OPI Shine For Me

OPI Shine For Me

The result is a bluish grey glittered manicure that I think looks stunning.

Shine For Me has a clear base and works well with layering it on another color. I chose the darkest polish on the collection because I wanted the shine to pop and I it did not disappoint.

The OPI Fifty Shades of Grey is a limited edition. So I suggest you grab your favorites soon or if you are a collector like myself, the mini set is a good addition to your collection.

Disclosure: Items were sent for impartial review. OPI nail lacquers are available here in the Philippines at the Rustan's Beauty Store


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