Nail Art: Heart Candies

Happy Valentine's Day!

Having said that to set the mood, let me put it down a little (at least for me) because I broke a nail a few days ago and it's really bad. And today, the days of hearts, my special someone is away and I have been feeling under the weather for days now. But ... I have 3 very sweet cats who haven't been leaving my sick side. The universe really has a way of balancing itself.

Anyway, will not let the day pass without sharing a Valentine's Day nail art. This one is very similar to the Accidental Love. I just painted the hearts a little different.

Heart Candies Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I wanted to have something colorful on my nails for Valentine's so I decided to paint heart candies. I painted a different color of heart on each nail to represent that there are different kinds of love.

Heart Candies Nail Art

Base polish is 2 coats of Dazzle Dry Portia's Wit. I think it gave a vintage look to the design. White would have been a good choice as well.

The design is freehand and done using a detail nail art brush, a dotting tool, and acrylic paints. I used pastel hues for the hearts and added tiny white dots to make them look like candies.

Nail Art: Heart Candies

My very shaky hands didn't help much while as I was painting. Being sick didn't help either. But I still love the outcome and I think it looks really dainty.

Heart Candies by Simply Rins

Sorry for this very short post. My head is starting to spin. I think I need more rest. I hope that you will all have a lovely Valentine's Day. :)


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  1. I love your creativity :-) This is a beautiful manicure! :-) Happy St. Valentine's Day! :-)

  2. These are adorably original and so, so sweet! Love them!
    Happy Valentine's Day *

    1. Belated Happy Heart's Day to you, too! :)

  3. super cute manicure, hope your cats behaved ;)

  4. Love how gorgeous they are looking :)
    I have done a Hearts and Polka dots nailart inspired by you :)
    Linked back to you on IG and my blog as well :)

  5. Ooh!! I heart this!! :D


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