CND Modern Folklore Collection + Nail Art

For about a year, I was almost exclusively just using one brand of nail polish. But I guess it is impossible for most (me included) to be loyal to one. Polishing your nails should be fun and there are a lot of amazing brands that offer variety of nail lacquers for us to enjoy! And I am particularly excited to share with you my first manicure and nail art experience with CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.) nail polishes.

The CND Vinylux Weekly Polish was designed to last for 7 days without basecoat. Yes, without basecoat. The company claims that it has a patent-pending ProLight Technology, which is responsible for making the polish last on your nails for at least a week. Exposure to natural light activates this technology and promises that instead of making your manicure look dull it will promote durability the longer you wear it.

CND Modern Folklore Collection


I have to be honest and say that it is rare for me to wear a manicure for more than 3 days unless I am traveling or unless I am really (really) fond of a particular nail art design. A polish that lasts on my nails with very minimal chipping after 4 days is good enough for me. :)

What to like:
  1. Durable
    I am not particularly kind to my nails in terms of doing household chores and occasional crafting. I do have a pair of gloves I sometimes wear when I wash the dishes and do some laundry. But often, I feel more comfortable working with my bare hands. WITHOUT topcoat, my CND Vinylux Weekly Polish manicure lasted for 4 days with minimal chipping at the tips on a few nails. I already find that amazing.

  2. Easy to remove.
    This one came as a surprise. The collection I reviewed and swatched were a mix of cremes, shimmers and a glitter polish. None and I mean none of them were hard to remove! Even the one I had on for 4 days was a breeze to take off. Do you sometimes experience having to apply a little pressure just to completely remove a manicure? I never experienced that with any of the CND polishes I received. This is definitely a plus for women like myself who loves to change polish often.

  3. No staining.
    I'm sure that most (if not all) nail bloggers start with the lightest color when swatching polishes to avoid nail stains. But most of the polishes in this CND collection is vampy or highly pigmented so I was expecting some difficulty when swatching. Well, I was wrong. I had no problems with stains even with the reds! To think that I didn't even use a basecoat during the swatch session.

  4. Fast drying.
    Time is gold and women does not want to wait forever for manicures to dry. The CND Vinylux Weekly Polish was dry to the touch almost instantly and was completely dry in approximately 10 minutes, without topcoat and with 2 coats of polish.

What I didn't like:
  1. The polish brush does not fan out well during application. This is the only thing that I didn't like about the product. However, I never had application problems regardless of this fact.


I had the privilege of sharing with you the entire CND Modern Folklore collection that includes 6 shades. I have swatched each one without basecoat and with a layer of top coat.

Let's start with my favorite and the one that I wore for the review:

CND Crimson Sash

Crimson Sash is a shimmer deep red nail lacquer. It is almost a one-coater and has excellent consistency. This color is very sexy and is definitely perfect for the Christmas season. Shown here is 2 coats.

CND Fine Vermillion

Next is Fine Vermillion in 2 coats. Formula is superb as well as application. A bright orange shimmer nail polish. I still don't know whether shades of this color suits me. But I find it beautiful on people with a fairer skintone.

CND Indigo Frock

Indigo Frock is another personal favorite. A bluish gray creme nail lacquer. I think it made my skin look lighter. I also think that it gives a casual look for the nails. I love it! This is 2 coats for complete coverage. No problem with consistency and application.

CND Locket Love

The only glitter polish in the Modern Folklore is the Locket Love and it's gold. I used 2 coats for full opacity. Formula is thick and application can be tricky. But unlike most glitter polishes, this one gives a good and balanced coverage when applied. It appears like a gold foil on the nail when completely dry. Locket Love would make a good accent nail for the Holidays.

CND Plum Paisley

My love for vampy colors will always be. So this Plum Paisley also made it to my list of favorites. It is a deep violet shimmer polish that will not give you any problems in terms of application and consistency. This is eggplant pretty! Shown in the photo is 2 coats for complete coverage. The first layer is slightly sheer that evens out on the second layer.

CND Rose Brocade

Finally, this is Rose Brocade in 2 coats. The other creme in the collection. It's a basic red polish with hints of pink or perhaps the other way around, depending on the lighting. Formula is outstanding and application is very manageable. A very bold color for confident personalities.

Nail Art:

Of course I had to play with these babies! I couldn't resist. There are no acrylic paints here. I only used the nail polishes and a dotting tool. These are easy to do if you decide to try them yourself. ;)

I called this first nail art Gold Frosting:

Gold Frosting Christmas Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Gold Frosting Nail Art on CND Polishes

I used CND Crimson Sash and Locket Love to create this look. After polishing all your nails with the red shimmer, add some gold glitters by brushing a few vertical strokes on the nail tip. Add another layer of glitter polish to increase opacity. Then, using a dotting tool, dab a few random dots. This is really easy to do and will have your nails ready for Christmas. :)

The title for this next nail art is an irony -- Orange and Purple Pinstripe. These are not fine stripes at all!

Orange and Purple Pinstripe Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Orange and Purple Pinstripe Nail Art on CND Polishes

I chose the Plum Paisley for base and added curvy stripes using Fine Vermillion. You may want to add another coat of the Fine Vermillion to make the lines pop over the dark background. This combination looks really great under the light. Make sure you give time for the polishes to dry before sealing the design with topcoat to avoid smudging.

Watch out for more nail art using CND Vinylux Weekly Polishes!

CND nail lacquers is available here in the Philippines through Lazada for Php 449.00 per bottle and is used by selected nail salons across the metro. For more information, please like the CND Philippines Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram -- @cnd_ph.

Disclosure: Items were sent for impartial review.


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  1. My favourite is Indigo Frock :-) Locket Love seems perfect for Christmas :-) Gold Frosting manicure is very, very nice! :-)

  2. Not a comment on the swatches, although they are beautiful! Just hoping that you and your family are all well after the tropical storm

    1. The storm will landfall in my city tonight. I'll be staying in. Thank you very much for the concern. :)

    2. Hi, Rins. These are awesome polishes, and for once I discovered I can actually buy them in Australia. I'll definitely be buying some of these. Love the nail art, too, especially the red and gold mani. What a great look for Christmas.

  3. I forgot to say that I hope you are OK after the storm. My prayers are with everyone in the Phillipines right now. It must be awful for you all. Take care, and stay safe.

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