Nailing Your School Spirit (UAAP Nail Art)

My Google Alerts failed me and I missed to get a copy of the newspaper and I am sorry that I also failed to inform you about it. Last 08 November 2014, Saturday, the Philippine Daily Inquirer published my UAAP (University Athletics Association of the Philippines) nail art designs. They only featured 2 schools. I made a nail design for each of the participating schools. But I still need to ask them if it would be fine to publish the others here on my blog before doing so. Once I get the heads up, I'll update this post to share the rest of the designs.

For now, here's a screenshot of the digital copy:

For my international friends, the UAAP is a popular inter-university sport season here in the Philippines. Each year, participating schools competes in various sports categories. Basketball is the most famous and probably the most awaited of all. For the newspaper feature, I was asked to create nail art designs with tutorial that represents each participating university. This year, there were 8 participants: Adamsons University, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, Far Eastern University, National University, University of the East, University of the Philippines, and University of Santo Tomas.

I am not fond of basketball and my university has yet to compete in the UAAP. So this project was particularly difficult for me since I had to do some research on school logos and colors. But in the end, I can say that it was a good pressure for my creativity.

Again, I thank the Philippine Daily Inquirer for publishing my work. :)


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  1. I agree with Nail Crazy, really cool! :-)

  2. Hello Rina ...really cool and amazing blog of yours ...I want to learn nail art for personal use ...tried of searching it online could not get the right one for me ...can you suggest me some place where I can learn or if you can give me classes over the weekend or according to your time schedule ...I am an Indian expat staying in Manila ..

    1. Please send me an email at

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