Swatches: OPI Coca-Cola 2014 Collection

Leave it to OPI for amazing collaborations. This particular one is close to my heart because I love to drink Coke. Although I am trying to cut back on the frequency.

I was able to get my hands on the entire OPI Coca-Cola 2014 Collection through the OPI 10 Pack of Style Mini Nail Lacquers that contained all the 9 shades of the collection plus an OPI Top Coat. All colors were inspired by Coca-Cola products through the years. This is a great addition to my collection of OPI minis.

The packaging:

OPI 10 Pack of Sytle Mini Nail Lacquers

What's inside:

The set comes in a square box. The front displays all the mini nail polishes in 2 rows. The back opens like a book where you can find description of each color.

OPI 10 Pack of Style

This is my first time to use mini nail lacquers for swatch purposes and I am not sure whether or not the size matters in terms of consistency during application. So I will not go into detail on formula on this post. However, I would like to share that application of all shades were very manageable with the minis. For the following swatches, I used 2 coats each except with Today I Accomplished Zero wherein I used 3. And swatched with a layer of top coat.

Let's start with OPI Grape Affair, a creme polish described as make a big to-do in this deepest, darkest purple. Well, it is not the darkest purple out there but it is beautiful nevertheless. This color was inspired by Fanta Grape.

OPI Grape Affair

This next one is another creme and was inspired by Cherry Coke. Below is OPI Get Cherried Away, tagged as seriously, this black cherry is over-the-top gorgeous. I find this color quite flattering.

OPI Get Cherried Away

OPI Orange You Stylish is yet another creme from the Coca-Cola Collection and described as this juicy orange looks fanta-stic on you!. It was inspired by Fanta Orange. This polish came as a surprise to me. I was able to read swatches by other nail bloggers of this collection and Orange You Stylish is a glitter polish. Anyone knows what happened? Or is the mini set different from the regular bottles?

I am still not particularly drawn to orange, but this make a good manicure for Halloween. ;)

OPI Orange You Stylish

I'm guessing this next color don't need much of an introduction. It's OPI You're So Vain-illa, inspired by Vanilla Coke. OPI says this, I bet you think this creamy nude is all about you. This color reminds me of vintage and is a good base of nail art. If you are into nudes, this has a good creme finish.

OPI You're So Vain-illa

This is another color inspired by Vanilla Coke, OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today. It's a creme polish that says, do not disturb, I'm enjoying this creamy, smooth pink.

OPI Sorry I'm Fizzy Today

OPI Green on the Runway is a shimmered nail lacquer inspired by Sprite. Its description reads, this uncut-lime green makes a real fashion statement. I'm not so sure about the color and its connection to Sprite. It doesn't appear lime to me. But I find this shade classy and would probably look great for an evening affair.

OPI Green on the Runway

The name of this next polish is also a giveaway to know that it was inspired by Coke Zero. Below is Opi Toay I Accomplished Zero. It's a polish with red chunky glitters on a sheer black base. I used 3 coats for complete coverage. Simply elegant. A good alternative to those who enjoys black polish (myself included).

OPI Today I Accomplished Zero

This one looks like metallic but it is not. It is OPI Turn On the Haute Light, tagged as this shimmery silver is at the height of fashion. Reminds me of prom. This shimmer would look good for a formal event and it only took 2 coats for full opacity!

OPI Turn On the Haute Light

Of course, I saved my favorite for last -- the OPI Coca-Cola Red, classic red - always in style, always perfect. I can't argue with that. If you're only getting one color from this collection, you should get this.

OPI Coca-Cola Red

There you have it, the entire OPI Coca-Cola 2014 Collection in the 10 Pack of Style Mini Nail Lacquers box set. It's a limited edition from OPI. Any favorite among these 9 shades?

OPI is available at Rustans Beauty Store. The 10 Pack of Style Mini Nail Lacquer retails at Php1550, Coke Duo Pack at Php995, and regular bottles at Php645 each.
Disclosure: Items were sent for impartial review.


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  1. do the nude and the pink both have the same name?

  2. Oh my, my mistake. Will edit right now.
    Thank you for pointing it out. :)

  3. these vibrant colors look amazing and they really catch the eye. they are the perfect essentials to complete a retro look. i am going to try some of the colors. thank you for posting

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