Review: The Cure by Deborah Lippmann

As a nail artist / blogger, I often abuse my nails with regular manicure change. More so when I swatch nail polishes. It also doesn't help much that I do a lot of housework. And so, I have made it a habit to take extra care of my nails. I have tried several hand creams and lotions, cuticle oils, and cuticle creams. Today, I'd like to share with you an amazing product called The Cure. It's an award-winning ultra nourishing cuticle repair cream by Deborah Lippmann. It's the latest addition to her cuticle care line.

To review this product, I decided to wear naked nails for at least 5 days. I massaged The Cure onto my nails, paying particular attention to my cuticles, twice a day.

Out of the box:

The Cure by Deborah Lippmann

The product comes in an elegant square glassy container. It comfortably fit the palm of a hand. Take a look at the next picture for size comparison:

The Cure ultra nourishing cuticle repair cream

The Cure is about the size of a regular bottle of Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer and has a net weight of 10ml. By description, it has ingredients that treats dry cuticles as it repairs and protects. It contains a patented Raspberry cultured stem cell extract, red algae, shea butter, sodium hyaluronate and vitamins A, C, and E.

Curious as I always am, I researched on what these ingredients actually do. The raspberry stem cell extract is has regenerative or renewal properties. This is responsible for the repair treatment. Then we have the red algae. Algae is popular in the manufacturing of cosmetics because of several benefits. It regulates the production of sebum that is primarily responsible for moisturizing the skin and prevent dryness. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins. Now shea butter is very familiar to me because most of my cuticle care products has it. It is widely known to treat various skin conditions. Shea butter is mostly used on topical applications because it is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving a greasy feel. This next one sounds so "scientific" -- sodium hyaluronate. I learned that not only does it absorbs and stores moisture, it is also acts as a vehicle to transport nutrients. This means that The Cure does not only bring immediate effects, it also has long-term benefits.

The Cure Cuticle Cream

What to like:
  • Does not leave a greasy feel. Some cuticle oils and creams leaves an oily feel even after hours of application. The Cure is non-greasy and is easily absorbed as you massage it on the cuticle and nail.

  • Easy to apply. The product has a butter-like consistency that makes application very manageable. A tiny amount is enough for both hands.

  • Comes in a travel size container. Adding this to your vanity kit will not take up so much space which is good because you don't need to repack it when you're on the go. You can bring it anywhere and apply when necessary. Normally, I reapply every after I wash my hands. It is also a staple on my manicure kit whenever I travel.

  • It has a non-problematic cap. I was skeptical at first when I saw the packaging. I usually have problems with square caps because sometimes, it will not align with the bottle. I've experienced this with the Nars nail lacquers. But surprisingly, I did not have this problem with The Cure. The cap screws back perfectly everytime.

  • It does what it says it will. I guess this is the most important thing to consider. While some cuticle care products only has a short-term effect, The Cure is quite different. I've been religiously using it for 5 days and I can personally say that it does have long-term benefits. I am an OC person and I wash my hands frequently. We all know that soap can dry your hands. But using the The Cure consistently for a few days actually made a good difference. I found less need to apply cuticle cream every after wash. There's minimal appearance of hang nails as well.

Below is a photo of my naked nails on the 6th day of using The Cure. I took this picture late in the afternoon, after dish washing and other chores. The last time I applied the cuticle cream is the night before.

naked nails

What not to like:
  • Price The Cure by Deborah Lippmann retails at $24 and to some, that might be relatively expensive. I guess it all depends on how important nail care is to you. We buy some cosmetics for much more. Personally, I think it is worth the price. I can say that it is value for money since the benefits are long-term. It's like an investment for your nails.

I couldn't stress enough the need for nail and cuticle care. Remember that our hands are what people first notice in us and it says a lot about our character. We should never neglect nail care. And if you are looking for a good cuticle cream, I do recommend The Cure ultra nourishing cuticle cream by Deborah Lippmann.

The Cure is available at Rustan's Beauty Store for Php1,250.
Disclosure: Item was sent for impartial review.


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    1. Hi, Polished Pinay! Good to see you here again.

      There really isn't a non-yellowing base coat. I've been using Seche, Revlon, and OPI base coats. What I do is apply 2 coats when a polish is really pigmented or vampy shades. Definitely on blues! And there are brands that contains that chemical (formaldehyde) that is responsible for causing yellow stains. If you can avoid those, better. :)

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