Nail Art: 80s Gradient

This is probably the first time you'll see a gradient manicure here in my blog. I didn't think it was my style until recently when I reviewed the Deborah Lippmann 80s Rewind Collection. I chose 3 colors from the collection and thought it would look great together. I initially wanted to use all the 6 shades, but my nails are not long enough to accommodate all 6. It probably would look like rainbow nails, which would be really nice.

Without further a do ...

80s Gradient Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

As you can see, I am not particularly good with gradients. I need more practice. I already have a few nail art ideas using this technique. One thing is for sure, I need to get a square sponge. The round ones makes it hard to cover the edges neatly. And since am an amateur at this, I ended up with a mess on my nail station.

80s Gradient Manicure by Simply Rins

I used the following Deborah Lippmann nail lacquers:
  • Walking on Sunshine (yellow)
  • She Drives Me Crazy (green)
  • Maniac (purple)

I also added a few white dots. Do you sometimes get that feeling that there's something missing in your manicure? Well, I got that and thought that adding those dots will make a difference. And I think it did.

Gradient Manicure with Dots by Simply Rins

80s Gradient Nail Art on Deborah Lippmann Walking on Sunshine

I started off with the yellow polish and built the gradient from there. I figured it would be easier to get the other colors opaque since yellow is the lightest shade among the 3 colors. Or does it really matter what color is base? Truly, nail art is a continuous learning process!

This is me attempting to artistically hold 3 Deborah Lippmann nail polishes:

Gradient Nail Art using Deborah Lippmann 80s Rewind Collection

I really liked how this turned out. I wore it a few days before taking it off. It's a cheerful color combination which is so timely because the weather was gloomy on those days that I had this on my nails. It was also so easy photograph. The number of pictures I am sharing in this post can attest to that.

80s Gradient Nail Art Design

80s Gradient Nail Art Design by Rina Alcantara

Well, there you have it! My first official gradient nail art! Will definitely be doing more of this.

Any suggestions or tips?

Deborah Lippmann nail lacquers are available in Rustan's The Beauty Source and retails for Php795 each. For other details, login to their Facebook Page -- -- and follow them on Instagram -- @rustansthebeautystore.


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  1. Very nice manicure, I like the colours you've used, quite unusual combination!

    1. Thank you Lucy. I was unsure if the green and purple will work. But somehow, it did. :)

  2. I love this. A great idea for when Mardi Gras rolls back around! Looks great

    1. That's next month, right?

      Thanks, glad you liked this one. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yes it is! Thank you for dropping by. :)

  4. what a cool color combo, and those white dots are very welcomed... love the mani :D

  5. I like the combination of colours and I like your gradient :-) Also I have the impression that those white dots give something extra to your manicure! :-)