Nail Art Tutorial: Looks Like Porcelain

I received a few requests to create a tutorial for one of my previous nail art designs -- the Porcelain Look. I finally got the chance to do it. But instead of doing the exact design, I decided to create something different that gives the same look. To those that asked me for the nail art tutorial, I hope you wouldn't mind that I did an alternative. :)

So let's take a look first at the outcome:

Looks Like Porcelain Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

As the name suggests, the idea is come up with a nail art that mimics the usual white and blue porcelain. I painted each nail to look like porcelain instead of just having an accent nail as how I did the first one.

Nail Art Tutorial: Looks Like Porcelain

In this version, I painted flowers, hearts, and added a few random dots to fill in awkward spaces. The technique is quite easy. You can choose any pattern you like to create this look for as long as you use a royal blue acrylic paint and polish your nails white. I thought that an aztec pattern would probably look great as well. But I was in a dainty mood so I opted for a floral look.

Looks Like Porcelain Nail Art Tutorial by Rina Alcantara

I also aimed for a "washed out" effect so I slightly watered down my blue acrylic paint so that the result would be that when I paint the design, opacity will not be even. You'll notice this in the video tutorial included in this post. I think it made the entire design more interesting to look at.

Looks Like Porcelain Nail Art Tutorial by Simply Rins

This is a fun mani to wear. I actually received a few compliments from strangers during the days that I wore this. It looks elegant and this might sound crazy, but it gave me that feeling that my nails are fragile.

Here's the video tutorial:

I hope you enjoyed watching the tutorial. But most importantly, I hope you were inspired.

Is this nail design a thumbs up? Let me know by leaving a comment.


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. cute fine china, hope your nails are still in one piece ;)

    2. Good thing for that! :P

  2. Definitely thumbs up! :-) I love the design and I love also the blue&white combination :-)