Nail Art: Can't Get Enough of Lavender

I know a friend who doesn't like any shades of purple. But I also know a friend who loves purple. But this freehand nail art is not really purple. It's lavender. I wanted to try a subtle manicure like this and I think it's perfect for people who doesn't really enjoy getting so much attention on their nails with nail art. In person, you really can't see there is a design from a distance. But there is a surprise up close. Well, isn't nail art for yourself than it is for others?

Take a look:

Can't Get Enough of Lavender Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I have done a few monochromatic nail art designs and I think they're great in terms of not having to think about color combinations. :D But I haven't tried having a light base using the same idea until now. I must say that I will not stop until I've done all pastels on my polish stash. Hmm, that may take quite a while.

Can't Get Enough of Lavender Nail Art on OPI Do You Lilac It?

Base is OPI I Love Lilac in 2 coats. It's actually one of the OPI nail lacquers that I got when I was starting nail art. Initially, I wanted to do pink but decided for this instead. I still don't think I wear pink well. But don't worry, I still want to try something like this with light pink.

The nail design is freehand using acrylic paints and a detail nail art brush.

Nail Art: Can't Get Enough of Lavender

The idea for the art is abstract, sort of. Each nail were adorn with flowers and crowded by different sizes of dots. Oh, and if you noticed, there's always one curve line bordering one flower on each nail. It was a spur of the moment thing and I think it somehow became an accent. Do you think so, too?

I also added a dot on each flower to depict its center. I used the same polish base for this.

Here's a closer look on the design:

Can't Get Enough of Lavender Nail Art

I can't wait to try more of this subtle nail art on another pastel shade. On top of my mind is green. I bet this would look cool on a matte top coat finish. Unfortunately, I don't have one. Surprised? I used to have one but it turned into stone. I have to find another one. Any recommendations?

Can't Get Enough of Lavender Nail Art Design by Rina Alcantara

I hope you like this slightly attractive nail art. Thumbs up or thumbs down?


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  1. Thumbs up! :-) I love all shades of purple and I love lavender too :-) Very cute manicure :-)

    1. Thank you! I'll add you to my list of friends who loves purple. ;)

  2. I love purple (along with many other colors). I wasn't really a fan of tone-on-tone nail art, but the more I've seen it lately on a few blogs, the more I like it...including your charming mani here. I thought the design was a stamp! Your talent always amazes me. I watch your tutorial videos and see your brush go blop, dab, dab, stroke, smear, and repeat. Suddenly there are flowers or some other beautiful motifs and a pattern/picture has magically appeared. I've tried watching them frame by frame, thinking, "I could do a blob like that...uh-huh, uh-huh, I could maybe even do that dab..." but then your brush is in the hand of an artist with years of practice and my brush is...not. I won't quit trying but wanted to let you know how very much I admire your skills. Oh, as for a matte top coat, it seems I read on a majority of blogs that Essie's Matte About You is a favorite. Have a good day!

    1. Dear Delphi,

      Thank you for your wonderful and sweet comment. I love your positive spirit. Yes, practice, practice, practice. You should take a look at my first nail art posts and see how I painted then. It's different now and like I always say, nail art is a learning process. :)

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