Nail Art Tutorial: Splash of Colors

Grey would be the color of my life right now. But my nails shouldn't be. I need color, and more colors. So for my comeback nail art, I splashed (well, painted actually) colors on my nails and chose a bright color for base. I also changed the shape of my nails to round. I just needed something different. I actually liked it. I was able to grow my nails longer than I normally can with a squoval shape. Let's see how long I can maintain it.

Back to the design, take a peek first:

Splash of Colors Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

This is a freehand nail art accomplished using acrylic paints and nail art brushes.

I wanted a design that is cheerful so I opted to use only bright colors. It's like letting the nails smile for you, right? I've gotten a lot of compliments while wearing this and as always, it is always a nice feeling to hear appreciation from other people.

Splash of Colors Nail Art on OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana

I used 2 coats of OPI I Just Can't Cope-acabana for the background color. Consistecy is great. Application? No problems there either. I also used a new set of acrylic paints from Born Pretty Store that I'll be reviewing thoroughly in a separate post. For now, let me say that I'm glad I have them.

Splash of Colors Nail Art by Rina Alcantara

Splash of Colors by Simply Rins

I chose 3 bright colors for the splashes -- blue, lime, and red. The splashes look like blabs really. Probably because I painted them "fat". A black outline would have looked great but I was contented with this. If you have more time in your hands when you decide to recreate this look, you can probably try outlining the splashes for a more dramatic effect.

Nail Art: Splash of Colors

If you noticed, I also placed a few random white dots on the splashes for added details. I thought it could look like a light reflection or something to that effect. Regardless, it did make the nail design more interesting. You'll probably agree with me when I say that dots are the most reliable in nail art.

Nail Art: Splash of Colors by Simply Rins

My so-called new life allows me to have a more comfortable atmosphere. This means that I can now post more video nail art tutorials. Sometimes, it's not really the design that's important but learning how other nail artists paint their nails that really matter. I, myself continue to watch tutorials of fellow artists to learn new techniques. Hopefully, I can contribute to this learning process.

So here is how I did this Splash of Colors nail art:

Thank you for reading, and for watching the tutorial!

What do you think of this colorful nail art design?

If you'd like a sneak peek on the acrylic paints and set of nail art brushes that I used, please follow this link.


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  1. I like the manicure, it looks very cheerful! :-) Looking forward to read more about acrylic colours you used :-)

  2. Beautiful :) And colorful nails can give your life color as well - even just a little bit :)

  3. lovely manicure, looks really cheerful :D
    agree on oval nails, they do brake less than squoval :D

  4. This looks like a really nice set of paints and brushes. I might be getting this since I recently ran out of nail paint and the brush I had broke.