Nail Art: Teal-y Flowers


Okay, I know that I have been gone quite a long time. And before anything else, I'd like to say thank you for all those who sent me messages to find out how I am. I miss all of you and I really appreciate that you have been keeping in touch.

Life got a little busy and I'm having less time to do my nails. I have been traveling, too! And unfortunately, no amount of sunscreen prevented my now darker skintone that is now evident in the photos below. But hey, there is something that haven't change -- my love for nail art. I will continue to do this as long as I can. ;)

So, what am I sharing today? Well, it's a simple floral nail art design that you can wear for spring or actually, on any season. I already know what polish I wanted to use for base so I went with that first and hoped that I'll be able to come up with a nail art idea once I'm done polishing my nails. I needed something easy to do that doesn't require so much precision in painting. And this is what I came up with:

Teal-y Flowers Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I simply called it Teal-y Flowers because of the base color.

It was a challenge deciding on the color of the design. I mean, what color combination would work well on a teal background aside from white? Light orange perhaps? Yellow? But to avoid complications, I figured I'd mix the exact teal shade of my base polish and just lighten it to achieve a monochromatic effect. Well, sort of since I only used 1 shade lighter.

Teal-y Flowers Nail Art on OPI Amazon...Amazoff

I used OPI Amazon...Amazoff in 2 coats as base. Love, love, love this color! It's from the OPI Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. I think this shade makes my skin appear darker, but I still like it.

I painted the nail design freehand using a detailing nail art brush and acrylic paints. To create teal, I mixed blue and green with more of the latter. I added white paint until I reached my desired lighter shade of teal.

This nail art taught me that going monochromatic is a great alternative when one gets confused with color combinations.

Teal-y Flowers Nail Art

I painted exactly 3 flowers on each nail, carefully placing them on the edges/sides. I wanted the base color to show regardless of the nail design. Truth is, I think the lighter shade enhanced it. Do you also think so?

I added a small white dot to serve as center of the flowers. You can opt to use a dotting tool for this or since the dots are really small, you may want to just use your detailing nail art brush. It can help you practice control and precision. ;)

Here's a closer look on the design itself:

a freehand floral nail art called Teal-y Flowers

Did I ever mention that my least favorite nail is my thumbnail? I think it's too fat.

As you can see, the flowers were painted with no defined shape. Hmm, did that make sense? To elaborate, I simply painted each flower without a clear pattern. I was not so mindful of how the petals would turn out. But I think it's what made this floral nail art more appealing. Well, to me at least. Needless to say that I do like the way how this simple design turned out. This would probably look great if I did different colors for each nail.

Teal-y Flowers Nail Art Design by Rina Alcantara

Oh, I also want to say that I badly broke the nail on my pinky finger so I had to cut them to nubbins. You'll have to excuse her until she grows back to a decent length that I maintain.

I'm also trying to get my color back with some whitening lotion. Problem is, I've been exposing myself to the sun consistently that I'm not giving my skin time to recover. Well, it is summer here in the Philippines and the beach is hard to resist! But hopefully, I'll be able to get to paint my nails more often regardless of my outdoor adventures. I feel weird whenever my nails are bare.

Teal-y Flowers Nail Art

Please tell me what you think. Is this something you'd wear?


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  1. Beautiful! Nice to see a new post from you. You always give me such inspiration!

  2. Welcome back! :-) Beautiful base colour and the flowers are delicious! :-)

  3. we missed you :D
    gorgeous manicure, love the choice of colors, and those flowers looks like decals... well done <3