Nail Art Quote Picture No.13

"If life gives you nail polishes, make nail art."

Nail Art Quote No.13
Nail art used in photo is "I Can't Draw a Straight Line"

This nail art quote is clearly adapted from the famous "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." But unlike the popular quote that is used for encouragement or to rise above challenges, this particular nail art quote has a positive message.

I still get easily bored with my manicure even with the vast variety of nail polish colors. Nail art is like icing on a cake for me. Why stop with just wearing a plain color when you can jazz it up with some classy nail art design? :)


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  1. Nail art and nail designs are a staple for many women and the popularity of nail designs has become more and more mainstream in the past few years. I know not everyone is a nail polish person, but I think everyone loves looking at pretty nails. Some nail designs are flattering and beautiful and often give the bearer a confident look. The secret to nail art is knowing what colour and shape fit you and your personality.
    - samantha
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