Revlon Nude Expressions Nail Polish Collection

If you like nude nail polishes, then I have a strong feeling that you'll enjoy going through this swatch post.

To say that this collection has been sitting on my polish rack untouched can be considered a crime against the nail polish community. As in, it has been waiting there for several months. I know, I know. How could I, right? Well, can I just say that life happened. But I'm really trying my best to make up for backlogs. So, here goes ...

I'll be sharing with you Revlon's Nude Expressions nail polish collection that they released last year. As the name suggests, all lacquers in this set has a neutral shade. I am not really a fan of nudes. But there are times that I like to wear them for subtlety.

I have swatched each bottle in a manner that I can show you how it looks like in full opacity. Please also note that everything was pictured with a layer of top coat.

There are 8 polishes in the collection, but I only have 7 to show you. Sadly, Sandy Nude was broken when I got it in the mail. I'll try to look for it at the mall and will update this post when I find one.

Okay, let's begin.

Revlon Porcelain

This first one is something I believe I can wear. It's Revlon Porcelain in 3 coats for complete coverage. It's a very sheer polish with a slightly thick consistency. Application can be tricky but quite manageable. It dries jelly and appears white with hints of yellow. This is a very good base for nail art. If applied in 2 coats, it is a good shade for those who like that "no polish" look and is tired of just wearing clear polish.

Revlon Cool Beige

Next is Revlon Cool Beige in 3 thin coats. 2 coats would have been enough but I preferred to add another layer for full opacity. Formula is slightly watery but surprisingly very manageable to apply. Slightly sheer, yet has a creme finish. This is off white with hints of brown. Beautiful! This nude is definitely another favorite among nail artists.

Revlon Nude Beige

Revlon Nude Beige is the closest to my skin tone. I used 3 thin coats for full coverage. It also has a slightly sheer consistency and will not give you any problems with application. It has a creme finish. To me, this looks like a really (really!) light brown. I think this color makes my fingers look slender and longer.

Revlon Natural Tan

Fourth in line is Revlon Natural Tan in 2 coats. One of the opaque polishes in the collection. This color doesn't really fit me. But I bet this would look great with fairer skin. Formula is great, so is application. Another creme and dries with hints of orange. I'm not so sure how I feel about this shade on me.

Revlon Mocha

This next polish is one of my favorites in the collection. I don't think it came as a surprise though. This is 3 coats ofRevlon Mocha. Slightly sheer. Easy application. And this absolutely reminds me of my favorite chocolate drink. Both have the same color, honestly! It dries more like jelly than creme. This one I can definitely wear. Well, I actually love dark browns on my nails.

Revlon Natural Pink

Revlon Natural Pink is baby pink (literally) in color. It looks really dainty ... and really girly! This is 3 coats for complete coverage. The sheerest polish in the collection. Application can be tricky. I suggest light strokes. Yet another good base for nail art and the jelly finish is quite flattering on the nails. I could wear this on days when I feel delicate and sweet.

Revlon Rose Beige

Finally, my absolute favorite in the collection -- Revlon Rose Beige. Surprise! Surprise! For a girl who doesn't like pink, I chose a pink shade as my favorite. It's like old rose and I think that really appealed to me. Like vintage. It is quite sheer in formula but application is a breeze. I used 2 coats in photo. You'll absolutely see a nail design from me with this base soon.

There you have it! Hopefully, Sandy Nude will join this post soon.

Here in the Philippines, there are companies and schools that are very strict with manicures. It is highly important what color of polish you are using in some offices, for instance. I am also aware that some airlines that restrict polish colors on female flight attendants. This collection is a shoe in for restrictions to use loud colors. I'm happy that Revlon was able to come up with a good selection of nude shades.

What do you think? Any favorite/s?

Disclosure:Products were sent for impartial review.
Revlon Colorstay / Nude Expressions Collection is available on leading department stores and selected Watson's branches and retails for Php325.


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  1. Not really a fan of nudes but i think thy are pretty. I think natural tan is okay on your nails. That's just me. Hahaha!

    Keep rockin'

  2. My favourites are Revlon Rose Beige and Revlon Mocha :-) Beautiful swatches :-)

  3. I have Mocha and Rose Beige! Funny that they're your favorites!

  4. Natural Tan is my favourite colour! It's so elegant and makes your fingers look so neat and slim. I just picked it up from a on sale shelf by chance but later it became my all time fave. However I can't find it anywhere else now. Just wondering whether it's discontinued or something...

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  10. Can anyone pls tell from which website I can buy rose beige in India