Nail Art Tutorial: Red Tribal

It's post Valentine's Day here in my part of the world and I celebrated the day of hearts with an unconventional Valentine's nail art. Unconventional because it doesn't have hearts or roses or any symbol that obviously tells you it's for Valentine's. But I did use the color red just to make it fit for the occasion. I called this one -- Red Tribal. The name is a giveaway on what this nail art looks like. So without further ado ...

Red Tribal Nail Art by Simply Rins

This tribal pattern is somewhat different in a way that I didn't follow the usual horizontal or vertical orientation. Instead, I used mostly curve lines. And I think it made this nail design look more interesting.

Red Tribal Nail Art on Dazzle Dry Electrifying

I wore 2 coats of Dazzle Dry Electrifying as base polish. It has a jelly finish that makes the design pop out. I also chose a basic red color to remain faithful to the color of love.

The design was completed freehand using white acrylic paint and a detailing nail art brush.

Red Tribal Freehand Nail Art by Simply Rins

I must admit that painting curve lines was rather difficult, especially while I was working with my non-dominant hand. Times like this, you'll need a manageable nail art brush and a paint with good consistency so that your loaded brush will glide with ease as you paint your nails. It would also help if you water down a little your acrylic paint, more so when you want to paint thin lines.

Red Tribal Nail Art by Simply Rins

If you noticed, I also used the combination of having thick and thin lines. The finer lines were for the details and the thick ones was used to serve as basis for the overall tribal pattern. It may appear difficult to paint when you look at the photos but it is relatively easy to do. What I do is I hold the nail art brush as how I hold a pen and I make sure that my brush is loaded with the minimal amount of paint on the tip.

Red Tribal Nail Art by Simply Rins

From a distance, only the thick lines are visible. But a look closer will reveal the details. This makes it more fun for me when people try to take a peek on my nails. It sort of like giving other people a little surprise as they get closer.

I had this cheesy idea when I was taking photos of my nail art. I thought of making a heart shape using my hands as a way of greeting all of you a "Happy Valentine's Day!" It didn't come out perfectly shaped, but I hope it will do.

Red Tribal Nail Art for Valentines by Simply Rins

And let me end this post with a video nail art tutorial of how I did this Red Tribal design. Oh yes, I finally had a little spare time to actually film a tutorial on how I paint my nails. Well, I was also encouraged by a gift a certain Panda gave me last year. It's a table tripod that could hold my bulky camera and I can position it wherever I want on the table! Will blog about this cute gadget soon.

Here's the video tutorial:

Still working on the best lighting for videos. And ... I'm still trying to get back my normal skin color. Too much outdoor activities is the culprit. But I hope you liked this Valentine's nail art design and the tutorial. Get crazy and try this with other colors!

Is this a thumbs up or a thumbs down for you?


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