Nail Art Quote Picture No.12

"There is integrity in recognizing originality and creativity."

Nail Art Quote Picture No.12
Nail art used in photo is Purple Bricks.

I recently subjected myself to a lot of hate because of recent copyright claims. As much as I want to just keep mum about other people's disregard on the importance of giving credit, I just can't. I don't expect everyone to understand how passionate I am about my craft. But I do expect respect. I've worked so hard to earn it.

I have nothing against recreations of nail designs. I think it's awesome to have inspired someone to actually do one of my designs. And I truly appreciate those that makes an effort to mention the source of their inspiration when they publish their work online. But to those who justifies stealing nail art with all sorts of reasons, I hope this nail art quote will get my message across.

Copying does not make you less of a person. But making people believe what you copied is yours, does.


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  1. Shared your quote - definitely worth it for all it stands for!
    I couldn't agree more with what's stated and I truly think you get the message accross in the best way possible, dear! I hope your copyright problems somehow get solved and I wish you'll have them less and less :)
    Thank you for being an inspiration <3

  2. love the manicure, the quote too :D
    unfortunately, to some folks the problem is not stealing, but being caught in doing it...

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