Nail Art: Polka Hearts

Are your nails ready for Valentine's? Perhaps this nail art design will give you an idea.

I have been receiving a lot of comments lately on my channels because of a recent copyright issue. Two words from those comments became my inspiration for this Valentine's nail art -- basic and common. So I played with basic shapes of hearts and circles to come up with a common nail design ... Polka Hearts!

Take a look:

Polka Hearts Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I also chose to use 3 bold colors, namely black, white, and red. I have been wanting to do a nail art with this color combo and I think it's perfect for the occasion. And well, I always thought that this combination of colors is attractive and classic.

Polka Hearts Nail Art on Dazzle Dry White Lightning

For base, I used 2 coats of Dazzle Dry White Lightning. I really wanted a pure white background and this polish is the whitest I have on my stash. I was thinking of doing an accent nail with black background, but decided otherwise. It could be a great alternative for this manicure.

This is a freehand nail design which I painted with a detailing nail art brush, a dotting tool, and acrylic paints.

Valentine's Nail Art by Simply Rins

The idea is to place hearts of different sizes on random places on all nails using red paint. I limited myself to having 2 hearts per nails. Maybe you can have more than 2 if you decide to paint just small hearts instead. I then added different sizes of circles to fill the remaining spaces. I found it more interesting to add tiny dots to finish the look.

Polka Hearts Nails by Simply Rins

Personal Tip:

I find that it saves more time creating this nail design by painting one shape at a time across all nails. So what I did is paint the red hearts first on all nails, paint the big black circles next, then finished off with the tiny dots. Finishing one nail at a time is more time consuming.

It also helps if the acrylic paints you'll use is highly opaque. If not, you'll be adding layer after layer just to have complete coverage. You wouldn't like to waste your time doing that.

Here's a close-up look of the nail art:

Polka Hearts Valentine's Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

On the side ...

Have you noticed that my skin is a little darker on the photos lately? It's my fault. I have been doing quite a lot of outdoor activities and applying sun protection lotion seems not enough. The thing is, it takes a long time for my color to go back to normal when it's sunburned. Any tips?

Polka Hearts Nail Art

So there you have it, a Valentine's nail art design that is basic and simple. We still have a few days before the day of hearts and hopefully I can make another nail design before that. Probably on a black background. Let's see. ;)

What do you think of this nail art?


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