Nail Art: Pastel Floral on Nude

One of my favorite color from the Revlon Nude Expressions nail polish collection is Mocha. I wore it right after reviewing the entire collection. I wanted a floral nail design to go with it. The idea is rather simple. I payed more attention to the colors instead of the design. I'll let you judge for yourself if this resulted good or bad.

This is how it looks:

Floral Pastel on Nude Nail Art Design

Like I said, the design is simple. I painted scattered flowers on the edges of the nails. I wanted the color of the polish to still show. There are three flowers peeping from the sides on each nail. I was going for a dainty look so I decided to use pastel shades. I'm not sure if the colors worked though. From a distance, you really can't figured out if I'm wearing any nail art. But up close, it looks rather pretty.

Floral Pastel on Nude Nail Art Design on Revlon Mocha

I used 3 thin coats of Revlon Mocha for complete coverage. I painted this freehand nail design using acrylic paints, a detailing nail art brush, and a dotting tool.

I was thinking of adding a white outline and some leaves. I actually did it on my first try but I didn't like how it looked. It sort of appeared cartoon-y and it wasn't the end result I was aiming for. This one looks simple and I liked it better.

Here's a closer look on the design and colors used:

Floral Pastel on Nude Nail Art Design - Close-Up

Looking at the nail art now makes me feel I should have darken the colors of the flowers so that it would pop up more on the background. Or maybe I am just being dramatic because I am still unsure whether or not nudes look flattering on my nails because of my complexion. But I really like Mocha and no matter how this resulted to having mixed emotions, I still enjoyed wearing it.

Floral Pastel on Nude Nail Art by Simply Rins

I also added a few white dots randomly on all nails just to add some details. I didn't overdo it because I still wanted the polish to be really seen. But the dots, I think, made the design a little more interesting. That's one thing about dots, you can just add them on any design and it seems to add spice to the overall look.

There is no Spring season here in the Philippines. This probably would be a good manicure for the season. Nevertheless, my hands are experiencing spring until I took this off.

Floral Pastel on Nude Nail Art Design

Please tell me what you think and help me be less confused. :)


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  1. I like the base colour, the combination of colours and I love the design! :-) This manicure really brings a little bit of spring to your nails! :-)

  2. Simple often is surprisingly good - I love the fabric kind of vibe this gives me, a dress maybe :)

  3. love the color combo, the manicure looks super cute :D

  4. Ooohh this looks soft and pretty. The color combinations are fine. Hihi. You always do an awesome job.

  5. This is SO pretty! Lovely colors!