Nail Art: Welcoming 2014

There is this wonderful lady named Rachael. She lives in Cebu City, Philippines and happens to be a fellow nail artist/blogger. After several chats, I can honestly say that she has become a friend even though we haven't really met in person. Talking to her was as easy as ABC. Last year, she invited me to guest post in her blog. I immediately agreed. It was actually the first time someone ever asked me to do that. It was quite exciting. And after several excuses and months (!) later, I finally had time to get to it.

The nail art I did for her was meant to be festive. I wanted a design that would appear as a celebration for the new year. I came up with the idea of confetti. This was the result:

Welcoming 2014 Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I simply called this Welcoming 2014.

To view more photos and to read the story behind this freehand nail art, may I invite you to visit Rachael's Blog, The Nailinator. She titled the post -- Guest Post by Simply Rins.

I blog about nail art because I want to share my passion. I want to inspire others who would like to do nail art. And so, it was a great opportunity for me to guest post at her blog because I know I'll be able to reach out to more nail art enthusiasts. :)


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  1. lovely manicure, glad you found your soulmate among bloggers :D

  2. I love what you came up with. You are too sweet, Rins. I'm so happy to be your friend. Thanks thanks again for the guest post. It is a pleasure to work with another nail artist from the Philippines! Here's wishing you the best year ever!

  3. These look super cute and festive -- I love the gray base! Guest posting is a wonderful way to connect with other bloggers :)

  4. I am great fan of nail art.I would be definitely trying you above mentioned method of nail arts on my nails in order to get those Chicky nails as you have.