Nail Art: Peeping Panda

This will probably the shortest post in this entire blog. And, it will only have a single photo. Believe me, only 1 picture is needed.

So where to begin. I met a Traveling Panda a few months back in a blogging summit. He is a Pinoy travel blogger who believes he resembles a panda because of his eyes. When he found out I blog about nails, particularly nail art, he has since requested for one. I told him I already did a panda nail art when I was still starting and I was not really sure I wanted to remake it. I felt I've outgrown "cartoony" nail designs. But last night, I decided to challenge myself to paint a panda without looking so much like a cartoon. Let me leave the judging to you whether or not I achieved that.

I named this freehand nail design the "Peeping Panda".

Peeping Panda Nail Art Design

This is a fairly simple design with only one accent nail on my left hand. I painted all the other nails in plain black. I entertained the idea of adding a design on the rest of the nails but it eluded me almost instantly. I figured the panda will not take center stage as I intended. Or ... you can probably just say that I was just lazy. Infringement cases are stressful!

I painted the panda using black acrylic paint and a detailing nail art brush. I was not particular about clear lines as I was aiming for a more furry look so that it will not appear too much of a cartoon. I also used the entire nail and proceeded with the idea of a panda trying to peep through my nail.

What do you think?


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  1. This is so beautiful and so realistic!!! You made a good choice by not adding anything to other nails because the panda really stood out from the rest. Lovely design!

  2. this way the panda is much more noticeable... awesome drawing dear, perfect manicure :D

  3. Cute, yet not cartoony. :)

  4. I dare say you achieved the goal!

  5. Thank you very much for still supporting Simply Rins. :)

  6. Beautiful, Rina. Simply beautiful, Simply Rins! :-)

  7. Aw, I love the panda. I would totally wear it. :-)

    1. I miss your nail art! Thank you for dropping by. :)

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