A Nail Polish by Simply Rins and Dazzle Dry

My bucket list as a nail artist/blogger includes having a nail polish named after my blog -- Simply Rins. It didn't exactly happen but I came really close! Dazzle Dry collaborated with esteemed nail bloggers around the world to come up with the collection for Winter 2013 ... and it was an honor to have been included in the roster !

There are five (5) amazing nail bloggers that were tapped for this project. Each of us were initially asked a basic color to work with. From there, Dazzle Dry closely worked with us to come up with our respective shades. Distance and time differences made this collaboration challenging. But persistence and patience from both ends became a worthwhile experience.

And now, after months of preparation, Dazzle Dry proudly presents the
Bloggers Mystery Collection (Winter) 2013!

Let me first introduce you to my very own (OMG!) nail polish color:

Dazzle Dry Feisty

Ladies and gents, this is Dazzle Dry Feisty. It's no secret that red is my all-time favorite color. I didn't want to divert from that when I was asked what color I wanted to work on for this project. I asked that my preference for vampy shades be incorporated and further requested for some glimmer. Feisty turned out to be a deep red polish with white shimmer. It is Simply Rins in a bottle! I love it!

I wanted a strong name for this color and thought that "Feisty" would be perfect. As the name suggests, I want the polish to express confidence, courageousness and being gutsy.

In photo is 2 coats of Feisty. Consistency is slightly thick, but application is manageable. This polish is almost a one coater. I decided on 1 thin layer and a generous one on the 2nd for full coverage.

Dazzle Dry Tiger Lily

Next is Dazzle Dry Tiger Lily, conceived by Jen of The Nail Polish Project. This is an opaque hot pink shade with shimmer. An absolutely one coater, but I went ahead with another one out of habit. Excellent formula and I had no problems with application.

Tiger Lily makes me feel more of a girl as most pink polishes do. I still don't know if pinks complement my skintone, but I bet that my sister will love this one.

Dazzle Dry Moxie

And then we have Dazzle Dry Moxie. This beautiful shimmered deep purple shade was designed by Robin Moses. Consistency is a bit watery that can make application streaky. I used 2 coats for full opacity. I suggest light brush strokes during application.

I have to admit I was unsure of this polish when I first saw it in the bottle. But was completely stunned when I wore it. Have you experienced something like this?

Dazzle Dry Arctic Sunset

White is another color that I think looks really flattering on the nails. Please welcome Dazzle Dry Arctic Circle, a color collaboration with Anutka of Wacky Laki. This reminds me of snow, even though I haven't really experienced snow. The shimmer gave this polish texture and I liked it! Application was a little tricky because of its thick consistency. I recommend a very thin 1st layer and a generous one on the next for complete coverage.

Dazzle Dry Blue Fantasy

Next is Dazzle Dry Blue Fantasy, a color by Vanessa of Nail Stories. This is a very bold shimmered blue polish. It has a watery formula and application was streaky. In photo is 2 coats, with the second being a generous one. A very lively color for brave souls. Aside from Feisty , Blue Fantasy is a personal favorite from this collection.

There you have it, 5 nail bloggers with amazing polishes to boot for Dazzle Dry! But wait! There is one more! Yes, there are actually 6 shades in this collection. From the Dazzle Dry team comes forth Dragonfly:

Dazzle Dry Dragonfly

I used 2 coats in photo. This green polish is loaded with shimmer that will definitely remind you of Christmas. It has excellent consistency and application is a breeze.

I was excited during the course of this project. I was curious to the colors that the other 4 nail bloggers came up with. I was scared as well on how they and all of you will react on our shades. Nonetheless, it was a pleasure to have been part of this collaboration and I thank Dazzle Dry for making one of my wishes as a nail art blogger come true.

Dazzle Dry Bloggers Mystery Collection 2013 has been officially launched on November 08, 2013 and is now available for purchase.

Please visit the following to avail:
Dazzle Dry Philippines
Dazzle Dry Australia
Dazzle Dry UK
Dazzle Dry USA

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  1. Wow! You definitely deserve this! :)

  2. Congratulations! Your color is perfect for the holidays :)

  3. Congratulations Rins! Love your color, and the rest of the collection is awesome and perfect for the holidays!

  4. awesome collection, glad you find your place in this project :D

  5. Congratulations! I like your colour and also Arctic Circle and Blue Fantasy! :-)

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