Nail Art: Crazy Lines

I'll be on a mini break by the time this post gets published. I will be joining a few fellow bloggers for the Pe├▒afrancia Festival 2013 in Naga City, Camarines Sur this weekend and naturally, I'd like my nails to match the occasion. I wanted 2 things -- a colorful nail art design and that it should be easy to do because I was pressed for time. Yes, I only had time to do my nails the night before my flight. Talk about cramming!!

Here is the outcome after an hour of DIY nail art session:

Crazy Lines Nail Art Design

I simply called this "Crazy Lines" for the lack of coming up with a more quirky name. But its colorful, cheerful (?), and absolutely easy to do. There's no pattern really. This is spontaneous painting of lines and blocks. It was surprisingly fun to do, actually.

Crazy Lines Nail Art Design on Dazzle Dry Midnight Express

I wanted the colors to pop up so I decided to use Dazzle Dry Midnight Express, a very black opaque polish. This is one coat. Yes, it is! This is the only black nail lacquer that I've tried that can actually do this.

I chose to use bright acrylic paints for the nail design and a dotting tool to draw the lines. A nail art brush would have been my usual choice but I took my chances with a dotting tool because I wouldn't have to worry about painting precise lines. Using a nail art brush would have driven me crazy and would definitely consume more time since I would be too careful to paint perfect lines. Have you ever experienced something like this?

Crazy Nail Art Design - Artsy Shot

There are five colors in this abstract nail art design -- light green, mustard yellow, light blue, peach, and light purple. The choices of color combination will depend on your mood and preference. This makes this nail art very versatile. I'm also thinking that perhaps a white background will also work with darker lines. Now why didn't I make an accent nail with this idea?

From a distance, the design is sort of tribal or aztec. But up close, it is just lines that goes in random directions. I thought this design would appear attractive or loud because of the colors. But for some reason, I don't think it does. It seems subtle in my opinion. Regardless, I still think it would look great under the sun ... during the festival. ;)

Crazy Lines Nail Art Design - Close Up

I would recommend this design to nail art beginners. It is easy to do using a dotting tool and also manageable when working with your non-dominant hand.

What do you think?


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  1. This strongly reminds me of the Android game Flow Free. Amazing art as usual Rins! :)

    1. I had to research what Flow Free is. And yes, it does look like it! One of the reasons I love comments is that I get a different perspective of my nail designs. Thank you. :)

  2. It doesn't look rushed at all! Great colors and totally reminds me of pacman or tetris!

    1. Hi, Freshie! Ah, yes ... Pacman! :)

  3. I love it, it looks very bright and cheerful! :-)

  4. wow! did you do this with your own hands? me crazy XDD so cool, if you can do this on your own =D

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