Dazzle Dry Glam Nuvo Collection (Fall 2013)

Dazzle Dry just launched its Glam Nuvo Collection for Fall 2013. It includes 4 new shades and it promises this:
"Over-the-top-GLAM fused with timeless elegance, opulence and romantic abandon. Sparkle, shine, glitz, boast, boogie, and LIVE LARGE like you mean it." -- Dazzle Dry

As much as I enjoy swatching new polishes, I know most of you will agree that the excitement is greatly influenced by the colors themselves. I am not particularly fond of this collection except for probably one color. But hey, perhaps you'd be happy with what they released for this season. So let's start the ball rolling.

Dazzle Dry Glamtastic!

I tried Dazzle Dry Glamstastic! first. In photo is 3 coats of this semi-sheer color. I did 2 thin ones and added a slightly generous 3rd layer for full coverage. Glamstastic! has a thin formula that makes application very manageable. On the nails, it slightly changes hue depending on how the light hits it. If this shade looks familiar to you, it's because you've probably seen it in other polish brands. This is of course the healthier choice if you are still fond of this color. ;)

Dazzle Dry GlamO’licious

Next in line is Dazzle Dry GlamO'licious in 2 coats. Surprisingly, I can see myself wearing this pink shade considering that I seldom wear pink on my nails. This is one of the cremes in the Glam Nuvo Collection. Consistency is slightly thick that may cause a tricky application. A workaround is light brush strokes. If you feel like being Pretty in Pink, you might want to consider wearing GlamO'licious.

Dazzle Dry Glam’matazz

The third one is 3 thin coats of Dazzle Dry Glam'matazz. This would look gorgeous for an evening affair! It is a semi-sheer polish with a very thin formula. 2 coats may be enough but if you are likes me who like complete nail coverage, I would suggest adding another layer. I'm thinking Glam'matazz would be a good choice as well to spice a casual look. Let your nails do the sparkling for you.

Dazzle Dry GlamNu’chic

Finally, my favorite among the 4 is a true taupe! Meet Dazzle Dry GlamNu'chic in 2 coats. It is the second opaque/creme in the collection and I love it! GlamNu'chic is almost a one coater. Consistency is just right and you wouldn't have any problems with application. I know that this shade is not flattering to my skintone but I like it regardless. If you are fair skinned, this would look absolutely gorgeous on you. GlamNu'chic is a subtle way of making your nails look beautiful.

Take another look at the 4 shades of the Dazzle Dry Glam Nuvo Collection:

I think the names are unique and creative but I did have trouble remembering which is which. How about you? What do you think? Any favorite from the collection?

Disclosure: Items were sent for impartial review.


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