Nail Art: Fourth of July

The Independence Day of the Philippines falls on a different date. But I hope my international friends from the U.S.A. will not mind if I celebrate theirs with this 4th of July inspired nail art design.

I wanted to come up with something simple yet will shout the colors of the American flag -- red, white, and blue. It has been quite a long time since I did manicures wherein I used different colors as base colors. After doing this, I was suddenly reminded how fun it is to look at

Without further ado, here it is:

4th of July Nail Art Design

This freehand nail design was patterned after the United States flag. Red and white stripes, stars on blue, and the polka dots on the white background is my way of saying that this event deserves a celebration!

Fourth of July Nail Art over Dazzle Dry

I used the following as base colors:
  • White: Dazzle Dry White Lightning (2 coats)
  • Red: Dazzle Dry Rapid Red (2 coats)
  • Blue: Dazzle Dry Mystic Blue (2 coats)

I hand-painted the design using acrylic paints and a stripper nail art brush. I found this brush more manageable to use even for painting the stars because of the precision the shape requires. I also used a dotting tool for the polka dots.

4th of July Nail Art Design

I'll be attending a networking party tonight with these nails! I hope I can pull it off with a little black dress. I initially wanted to do something that would match. But I'd rather have these fun nails instead. :)

"Happy Independence Day to all my friends in the United States! Have a great weekend!"


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  1. So beautiful nail art :)

  2. Amazing! And I love those free-handed starts! :o

  3. I love the polka dots! Did you use differently sized dotting tools for the big and small dots?

    1. Yes, I used 2 different sizes of dotting tool for the polka dots. :)

  4. Beautiful nail art and beautiful colours! :-)

  5. Absolutely lovely ! So glad you're celebrating with us :D

  6. Thank you all so much! :)