Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art Collection

Are you bored wearing plain nail polish? If you are, then perhaps this collection from Revlon will interest you. It's called Moon Candy and the colors are inspired by outer space. The set consists of 10 colors that comes in dual-end bottles. One end is a dark creme regular polish, while the other is a holographic glitter coat that gives an iridescent effect. The set allows a way of dressing up a regular manicure and I am particularly drawn to it because of its vampy shades that I think are good bases for the glitters.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art Collection

The duo packaging looks like pen markers. They are convenient to hold and carry around. They are perfect companions when you'd like to bring along a few on a trip. The only problem I encountered is that the bottles are unstable during application since they are small and narrow. Good thing that most of these babies are one coaters.

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art Collection

I'm happy to be able to share with you all 10 colors of the Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art Collection! I swatched each one with 2 layers of the holographic glitter coat and sealed with a top coat.

How about starting with my favorite one:

Revlon Moon Candy - Cosmic

Revlon Moon Candy - Cosmic is a dark olive green. Love! Love! Love! I applied 2 coats for complete coverage. No problem with application and formula is great. I can stare at this combo the whole day without getting bored.

Revlon Moon Candy - Eclipse

Next is Revlon Moon Candy - Eclipse in 1 coat! To me it looks like dark magenta. Lovely in my opinion. The holographic glitters looks subtle even with 2 layers. Add more if you prefer but I suggest thin coats. Excellent consistency and application is a breeze.

Revlon Moon Candy - Galactic

This Revlon Moon Candy - Galactic is another personal favorite from the collection. A very dark blue creme polish bordering on black. Gorgeous! It applies really well and can be a one coater with a generous layer but I decided on 2 thin coats for full opacity. I find this combo sexy and a good choice for an evening affair.

Revlon Moon Candy - Meteor

Revlon Moon Candy - Meteor reminds me of the army. It is simple a dark green hue. Shown here is 2 coats. Another one with great formula and non-problematic application. If you'd like to spice up a casual outfit, this combo is perhaps a good choice. It is rugged and classy at the same time.

Revlon Moon Candy - Milky Way

Up next is Revlon Moon Candy - Milky Way. I don't know how else to describe this color but to say that it is gray. In photo is 1 coat and I like how the holographic glitters pop from this base color. It sort of looks like shattered glass. It applies easy and polish consistency is just right. If you'd like a subtle manicure to go with a light ensemble, this maybe it!

Revlon Moon Candy - Moon Dust

Now, do I still need to say that I find Revlon Moon Candy - Moon Dust awesome? Sorry, I am still biased when it comes to black. I love it on my nails! Classy combo! Formula was on the thick side but manageable. I used 1 coat for complete coverage and surprisingly, application was quite easy. If you are confident enough to wear black with a twist, this is for you.

Revlon Moon Candy - Orbit

Revlon Moon Candy - Orbit is like blue violet. Another combo from the collection with subtle iridescent effect. Beautiful regardless. I used 2 coats to reach full opacity. Applies easily and has excellent consistency.

Revlon Moon Candy - Satelite

Next is a maroon creme called Revlon Moon Candy - Satelite in 2 thin coats. Another sexy shade if I may add. Great consistency and applies fairly well. I always find this color a good complement for denims. Perhaps you'd agree.

Revlon Moon Candy - Supernova

This next one is a lighter gray duo -- Revlon Moon Candy - Supernova. Excellent is everything -- formula and application. This is yet another one coater from the collection. A good choice perhaps for a smart casual wear.

Revlon Moon Candy - Universe

Finally, here is Revlon Moon Candy - Universe in 1 coat! My photo is not doing this chocolate color justice. It is a lovely rich brown creme that sometimes look like mahogany depending on how the light hits it. This is another personal favorite. But then again, I do love browns. ;) Very manageable application and has a great formula. I can wear this combo with practically anything.

Overall, I definitely had fun playing with these collection. I am in love with all the shades and I hope that Revlon would release regular bottles of these vampy cremes because I really think they are gorgeous.

Just a reminder, I would recommend applying 2 coats of base coat because the polishes are really pigmented especially the Galactic.

Oh, and before I forget, this collection entices you to try different combinations! You are not limited to a specific duo. The holographic glitters that comes with Moon Dust for example would look great on any base. The key is to experiment and have fun!

Please share your thoughts on the Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art collection on the comments section below. Any favorites?

Disclosure: Products were sent for impartial review.
Here in the Philippines, the Revlon Moon Candy Nail Art Collection is available for Php375 each on leading department stores and selected Watson's brances.


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  1. Beautiful combos! I agree with you again as usual, the dark olive is the best. Almost a camo color really. I like the galactic too, as it really evokes a night sky filled with stars. How much are these? And what top coat did you use?

    1. Will be updating the post for the retail price. :)

      For the swatches, I used Orly Glosser as top coat.

  2. Beautiful collection! :-) My favourite is Revlon Moon Candy - Galactic :-) Beautiful swatches too! :-)

  3. cool, lovely collection :D
    we had something similar from essence ;)

  4. Gorgeous colors and combo's.

  5. The green is my fave on you too. So pretty!

  6. Thanks, ladies!
    I really think this is a gorgeous collection. :)