Nail Art Quote Picture No.7

"Learning nail art requires willingness and persistence."

I never thought the day would come that people would ask me to teach them how to do nail art or give them personal tips. My mother always reminds me to share one's blessings and so I try my best to impart what I love to do -- nail art designing.

In my attempts to help others, I've encountered people that are easily let down by disappointments. I tell them that willingness to learn nail art is the start, but it is not enough. One should also be willing to endure the frustrations that comes with learning. One must have persistence. It's always hard during the first time, right? Your nail art skills will eventually develop through practice, practice, and more practice.

Nail Art Quote Picture No.7
Nail art used in the photo is Counting Sheep

Note: This nail art quote is a personal insight.


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  1. so right... as usual ;)
    now i'll go and practice my nail art skills :D

  2. Indeed! Persistence, determination and self-motivation ;)
    I've been practising tulips today and I'm sure next time they'll come out a lot better! :D Never give up, never surrender! **

  3. You're right! :-) We can not avoid disappointments, but they should make us stronger and more determined to improve our skills! :-)

  4. That's how it is, yes - a bit of talent also helps...
    I adore this tyring to sleep mani - it's so sweet!

  5. This is so cute and detailed! :) I've got shaky hands so it'll probably take me more patience and persistence, haha! you've got a pretty blog, Rina - and I seriously love your nail art! so talented! :D -- Mills ((Millsie Scribbles))