Nail Art: Broken Lines

This hand-painted nail art was inspired by a color and it all started when I was fixing my closet. Let me tell you its story ...

It's summer here in the Philippines and the heat has made me lazy to do my nails. Aside from that, work has been getting most of my time. The moment I get to my studio for some "me" time, all I want to do is go to bed. But last night was different.

I was arranging my clothes and found a handful of orange shirts. That took me by surprise. As I am not fond of pinks, I am also not fond of orange, especially on my nails. I think it doesn't compliment my skin tone. Anyway, I then thought of doing some nail art inspired by the color. So I stopped what I was doing and began painting my nails.

This was the result:

Broken Lines Nail Art Design

Isn't it amazing where one can find inspiration for a nail design?

Since it's summer where I live, I decided to use a bright orange as base color.

Broken Lines Nail Art Design on Dazzle Dry Orange Sorbet

I chose to wear 2 coats of Dazzle Dry Orange Sorbet to serve as my background color. (Reviewed and swatched here.) It is not the brightest of oranges but it was the shade I thought I can wear.

The design is freehand and I used a short stripper nail art brush and acrylic paints.

Broken Lines Nail Art Design

I wanted an nail design that was easy to do and fun to look at. This may sound funny but I actually wanted this to look like rain. With our very hot and humid weather, I am always wishing for rain to cool down the heat. Hence, the broken lines.

I think this would look better with thinner lines but that required more brush control and I was, well ... lazy? :D

Initially, I only wanted white lines. But after doing my left hand, I thought it needed more colors. I didn't want to overpower the orange base so I decided on highlights instead. I used yellow and light blue that I randomly painted over a few white lines. I liked it better with the additional colors. It looked more fun.

Broken Lines Nail Art Design

Perhaps I will eventually like orange polishes as I did with green. If you have been following this blog long enough, you'd probably remember that I used to dislike green nail lacquers. But when I found a good green to try and liked it, I developed a fondness to greens. I am actually looking forward to more green shades. Dazzle Dry is including one in their summer collection and I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on it!

Broken Lines Nail Art Design

If you are a nail art beginner and is looking for a design to practice on, I recommend this to you. It is easy to do even with your non-dominant hand. Details and precision are at a minimum as you only have to watch out for spacing.

I am still not sure whether or not orange is for me but so far, so good. For the meantime, I'd like to know how you feel about this simple summer nail art. :)

P.S. Yes, I finished fixing my clothes on my closet.
P.P.S. As of this post, Dazzle Dry Philippines is having a month-long sale this May 2013 on all nail lacquers, trinity kit, matte top coat, and cuticle oil. Please visit their Facebook page at for your orders and inquiries.


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  1. I get soooo excited every time you post. I check everyday. Love your blog! These are so fun and such a sweet simple design. Would look amazing in other colors as well. Thank you again for a beautiful all over print.

    1. Thank you for making me smile with your comment. :)
      I hope I'll continue to inspire with you with my nail designs.

  2. cool, these are quite lovely :D

  3. These are absolutely lovely! I don't really like orange that much either but with white, blue and yellow, it looks amazing. And i love bright colors for spring and summer!

    xoxo, Elsa

  4. i love the colors, so summery :)

  5. Lovely - your design always remind of art on canvass!

  6. Thank you all for your appreciation. :)

  7. This is so pretty, it looks so clean!

  8. Also I don't think orange is one of "my" colours, but this one is very nice :-) Great inspiration, beautiful summer manicure!

  9. Replies
    1. Now that you mentioned it, it does look funny! :)

  10. Of course orange is for you! You've just rocked it with this super design! Actually, I might just try this one (feeling kind of lazy myself today) and link back to you! Loved it! **

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