Nail Art Quote Picture No.6

"Nail art is a vacation for plain nails."

Polished nails were not allowed in any of the schools that I attended. Even when I was in college, having colored nails were a no-no. This is probably one of the reasons why I developed my passion for nails and eventually nail art. Now, I've come to realize that doing nail art is like treating my nails to a vacation for wearing them so plainly for many many years. And perhaps many ladies out there can relate to this statement, too. How about sharing with us your story? :)

Nail art used in the photo is Here Comes the Sun.

Note: This nail art quote is a personal insight.


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  1. good one :D
    love the nail art too :D

  2. Nice quote and mani :)
    For me nail art is a happy vacation from illness and pain in my life :)