BYS Glitter for Nails (Part 2): Tutorial and Tips

It is always exciting (at least to me) to discover new ways on how to dress our nails. Before, there were only the regular polishes. Today, we can find several nail polish collections that give nail enthusiasts interesting results! Nail art is becoming more exciting everyday. It's not only for those who can paint nail designs because now, brands have been introducing alternative ways to spice up the regular manicure. And BYS has been a frontliner in terms of nail creativity.

BYS Glitter for Nails

BYS have recently launched the Glitter for Nails collection here in the country. Each nail kit comes with a regular polish, a glitter pot, and a cleaning brush. The procedure is printed at the back of the package and is actually straightforward -- Paint, Dip, and Brush. I initially discussed about the collection and made a few swatches here.

BYS Glitter for Nails Magic Slippers

Your initial question would probably be, "How different is it from the usual glitter manicure?". Let me count the ways:
  • Application
    The glitters are NOT incorporated into the polish. You put them after polishing your nails. This leads to our second point, that is ...
  • Glitter Effects
    I call it the ultimate glitter manicure because the glitters takes all the spotlight in this manicure. You'll get ALL the shine and shimmer the glitters have to offer since the glitters are not mixed with the nail lacquer.
  • Nail Art Possibilities
    Since the polish and glitter comes separately, it provides us with various nail art ideas! (Will be doing a separate post on this.)

If you have read my previous post on the BYS Glitter for Nails, you probably have watched the official tutorial video made by the brand itself that I included within the article. I have decided to create my own video tutorial as there were some steps I did a little differently. I also included personal tips and an alternative way on how to put on the glitters aside from dipping your nail into the pot.

Here it is:

Personal tips in the video ... and a few more:
  • Place a paper on your working area to avoid mess. Loose glitters will be inevitable during application. I found it more effective to use a coarse paper because the glitters adhere more to smooth surfaces.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before the procedure and DO NOT put on any lotion. This would make brushing off the excess glitters easier.
  • Before polishing your nails, push the glitters into one side of the pot to create a mount. This would be more effective when you use the dipping method.
  • Brush the excess glitters around and on your nails very LIGHTLY. Remember that the polish underneath is still wet after putting on the glitters. Hard brush strokes can ruin your manicure.
  • If you decide to proceed with the dipping method, make sure you dip your nail also LIGHTLY into the pot. Pushing down your wet polished nails may result to also pushing the polish, creating irregularities.
  • Turn your finger from side to side when you dip it into the glitter pot to make sure you get coverage on both sides of your nail.
  • The key to a good glitter coverage is wet polish. This is the reason why I recommend 2 coats instead of one. And it is best to work one nail at a time.
  • When polishing your nails, leave a gap on the sides and near the cuticle area. This space will be filled when the glitters are finally on your nails. You need that space to accommodate the texture of the glitters.
  • Use the cleaning brush to gently tap the glitters on your nails. This will help the glitters settle into the polish and this can also assist you when you need to even out the nail tips.
  • Cap or seal your free edge to ensure that glitters will find their way there too. This is a big help to achieve chip resistant manicure.

BYS Glitter for Nails - Feeling the Spark-le
This is the color I used for the video tutorial.

Possible concerns for the dipping method:
  • What if you have big nail beds or long nails?
    The glitter pot is definitely not deep enough.
  • What if you want to do your toes, too?
    You simply cannot dip your toes into the glitter pot. And our toes also deserve the glam this nail kit offers.

Solution to possible concerns is this alternative way:
Pick up the glitters and pour it on your nail instead of dipping your nail into the pot. You can use a cosmetic spoon or you can create one by folding a hard paper into half. Resize the folded paper accordingly in a way that it can pick up the glitters easily.

Based on my experience, the 3 grams glitter pot can give you approximately 4 full manicures. This would greatly depend on the size and length of your nails.

BYS Glitter for Nails - Magic Slippers

In my first attempt for the video tutorial, I decided to use BYS Glitter for Nails Magic Slippers simply because red is my favorite color. But my recording skills need much improvement because I couldn't get my camera to focus correctly. So I slept on it and redid the whole thing the next night using BYS Glitter for Nails Feeling the Spark-le. The video is far from perfect but I think it looked better. This is the main reason why I seldom post nail art video tutorials. But, don't worry. I promise to practice more with my cam. :)

Here are the 2 colors up close:

BYS Glitter for Nails - Feeling the Spark-le

BYS described Feeling the Spark-le" as an iridescent purple glitter. Sometimes, it looks pink to me. It is a nice bright color for a girl who wouldn't mind the attention. This is definitely one of the loveliest shades in the collection.

BYS Glitter for Nails - Magic Slippers

I already have my most favorite from the line but I cannot turn my back on BYS Glitter for Nails Magic Slippers. It is first and foremost, my all-time favorite color -- red! Who doesn’t love sparkly red shimmering powder that reminds you of a certain pair of Magic Slippers, asked BYS. This shouts sexy and confident. Not many women can pull off a red manicure. In fact, I don't think I carry it well because of my skintone. But I truly admire the ladies who can. This would look great to any formal occasion or a romantic date perhaps?

Other concerns:
  • The texture of this glitter manicure will get caught in some fabrics.
    Personally, I really didn't have this problem except for clothes that are very delicate. To minimize snagging, I push the glitters down gently to even out the surface on the nail and on the tip. Applying a layer of top coat is a big help too.
  • Will adding a top coat lessen the sparkle of the glitters?
    Based on my experience, yes. This glitter manicure looks best without top coat.
  • How hard is it to remove the BYS Glitter for Nails manicure?
    It is harder than a regular polish, BUT easier than the usual glitter manicure. Since the glitters are placed on top of the nails after polishing and is NOT incorporated into the polish, soaking each nail to a nail polish remover for about 30 seconds will do the trick.

I am having a lot of fun playing with this collection and I have an idea I'd like to try and share with you soon! ;)

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BYS Glitter for Nails is available here in the Philippines for Php499 each at all SM Department Stores and at selected Watson's branches.

I will be sharing nail art ideas using the BYS Glitter for Nails collection soon! Make sure you are subscribed to my updates by clicking here or follow me across social media channels by checking out my sidebar!

Disclosure: Products were sent for impartial review.


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