Nail Art: Hearts for Spring

Let's pretend it's already February. And to set the mood, I'd like to share with you a Valentine's nail art filled with lots and lots of hearts! I decided to work with non-traditional colors and crossed my fingers that it would work.

Take a look at the result:

Hearts for Spring Nail Art Design
Hearts for Spring Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

My idea is to use spring colors for the design because I'd like to see if nude colors would look good for the season. I even asked my sister after painting only 3 nails what she thinks. It was a simple idea and I liked how it turned out.

Hearts for Spring Nail Art Design

As you may have noticed in the first photo, I used 2 colors for base and alternated them for accent nails on each hand. They are Dazzle Dry Misty Moon and Dazzle Dry Manhattan Mink. I applied 2 coats for both shades.

I hand painted the design using Liquitex Basics acrylic paints and a detailing nail art brush.

Hearts for Spring Nail Art Design

On the side, I really had a hard time getting a decent photo of my right hand. To think I am right-handed! I just think it seems weird. Okay, back to regular programming ...

This Valentine's nail art is actually a remake of my Cluttered Hearts but I altered it by painting relatively big hearts instead. I thought it would look more charming.

Hearts for Spring Nail Art Design

I dabbed a few random dots to take care of awkward spaces.

If you'd like to wear hearts on your nails for Valentine's but would like to veer away from the traditional colors, perhaps you'd consider this color palette. It's subtle yet colorful at the same time.

Hearts for Spring Nail Art Design

I can sense that I'll be wearing this longer than usual. It sort of make my nails look chocolate-y to look at and I sort of like it.

What do you think?


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  1. Does the dazzle dry lacquer actually last longer than others?

    1. Based on my personal experience, polish formula and the way a polish is applied greatly affects how long it was last on your nails.

      One of the good things about using Dazzle Dry is that they have a nail system (nail prep, base coat, and top coat) that makes it easier for us to do our manicure the right way so that it would stay longer on our nails. And of course, you'll get all the perks it comes with the brand that no other can give. :)

  2. So sweet mani! Hearts look like there were made of chocolate <3

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! Super cute!

  4. Wow! This is sooo GORGEOUS! Lovely colors

  5. This looks adorable, I love the non-traditional colours you used! They have kind of a 70's vibe too!

  6. I REALLY REALLY love the neutral hearts! Super fun.

  7. Thank you all so much!