Nail Art Tutorial: Night Before Christmas

In my part of the world, we don't have snow during the holidays. And so, it has always been a personal dream to experience a white Christmas, to enjoy the sight of a snowy Christmas evening with pine trees covered in snow and see snowmen created by kids. One day, perhaps. But for the meantime, I decided to realize my dream with some Christmas inspired nail art.

I called this nail design, Night Before Christmas. The idea is to create a design that would depict a peaceful ambiance of a Christmas evening, particular Christmas eve when everyone is at home with their families enjoying a feast.

Night Before Christmas Nail Art Design
Night Before Christmas Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I thought of pine trees and a snowman for the accent nail.

When I first thought of this design, I was hesitant because I felt it would be difficult. I wanted to paint small pine trees. Well, I have small nail beds. But the idea was persistent so I took on the challenge. It turned out relatively easy to do.

Night Before Christmas Nail Art Design

I used Dazzle Dry Night to Remember in 2 coats as base color. I thought it was the an amazing midnight blue to go with the design. The shimmer of this polish made it more appropriate. This bottle was a bit tricky to apply because of its slightly thick consistency. Gorgeous, nonetheless.

For the snowy nail tips, I used Dazzle Dry White Lightning.

I hand painted the design using acrylic paint, nail art brushes, and a dotting tool.

Night Before Christmas Nail Art Design

I painted pine trees on all my nails except for the accent nails wherein I decided to paint a snowman just to break the monotony. Accent nail on my index finger on my right hand and on my ring finger on my left.

Painting tiny details was a challenge, to me at least. But I'm happy with how this turned out.

Night Before Christmas Nail Art Design

I know that you have been requesting more video nail art tutorials. I finally had time to do one! I was particularly motivated by a new set of nail art brushes and acrylic paints that I've acquired recently. I'll be publishing a review soon. For now, I hope you'll find this tutorial inspiring and helpful. I included a few personal nail art tips.

I would love to read your thoughts about this. Would you be willing to try painting this design?

You may view my previous Christmas nail art designs here.


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  1. OMG this is so damn cute! I love it! I tried your dotted Christmas trees recently. Your ideas are so inspiring. :*
    Here in Hamburg (Germany) it is freezing cold at the moment!

  2. Wow how lovely is this? I love this nailart and your precise work.

  3. This is a really, really cute design!!! <3 it!

  4. Wow, it's amazing to watch you work! Super cute design Rins!

  5. Thanks, ladies!

    So happy you liked this. :)

  6. so cute, love it... i'll have to try this one day :D

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