Dazzle Dry Nightlife Collection (Winter 2012)

My love affair for vampy colors will never end ... I think. And so when Dazzle Dry released their winter collection for 2012, I just had to have the entire set. It consists mostly of dark shades that I'm pretty sure will look sexy on nails. They called this set, the Nightlife Collection.

I was anticipating the announcement from Dazzle Dry Philippines that they already have the collection available here in the country. I immediately got myself the entire set as soon as it arrived. And now, let me share with you how gorgeous the colors are.

Dazzle Dry Anticipation

Let's start with Dazzle Dry Anticipation. It is a creme ash gray polish that is almost a one coater. In the photo is 2 coats. Very opaque with excellent consistency. You will not have any problems with application. I don't have a lot of grays in my polish stash and I'm glad this color found its way home and is now sitting in my rack. It would be a good neutral base for several nail designs.

Dazzle Dry Stolen Kiss

Next is Dazzle Dry Stolen Kiss. A subtly shimmered polish that truly resembles that of an eggplant color. Shown is 2 coats. It is highly opaque. Consistency is slightly thick, but application was manageable regardless. It's an elegant color that I think is perfect for any evening event.

Dazzle Dry Happy Hour

Dazzle Dry Happy Hour in 2 coats definitely made me happy. It's a bright red polish with hints of gold shimmer, that actually makes it quite interesting to look at. Density is just right and application is a breeze. Needless to say, this color is really sexy. If you're confident enough, Happy Hour is worth it.

Dazzle Night to Remember

This next color is probably familiar to you because I've recently used it on my latest nail art -- Night Before Christmas. This is Dazzle Dry Night to Remember in 2 coats. It is simply a shimmered midnight blue polish. After a few applications, consistency became thick and somewhat gooey. And so applying this opaque polish may deem tricky. I suggest thin layers for better brush control.

Dazzle Dry Secret Rendezvous

Dazzle Dry Secret Rendezvous is secretly stunning. In the photo is 2 coats. To me, it is a shimmered deep bronze color. It has a slightly watery consistency, but is surprisingly opaque. Can be a one coater with a generous layer. I am totally in love with this polish. What more can you ask for? Excellent consistency, excellent application, and absolutely gorgeous color! Whenever I'll wear this, I'll flaunt it and never keep it a secret. ;)

And I saved my favorite for last ...

Dazzle Dry Forbidden Passion

I am a sucker for browns. Last but not the least in the Dazzle Dry Nightlife Collection is Dazzle Dry Forbidden Passion, a creme deep coffee color that is simply gorgeous and ridiculously sexy! This may surprise you but Forbidden Passion applies like a deep violet during the first coat and magically transforms to that deep coffee hue on the second coat. Honestly, I thought this polish would disappoint me as I simply love the way it look in the bottle. Consistency was on the thick side but was manageable. Application was tricky for the 1st coat but was smooth on the 2nd. This color looks really flattering.

The problem I have with most vamply colors is that they stain the nails most of the time because they are highly pigmented. But Dazzle Dry is non-yellowing because it is completely vegan! This is definitely a plus for me. I enjoyed these dark sexy shades without worrying that I'll be staining my natural nails.

Any favorite color from the collection?

Note: Dazzle Dry is made available here in the country by Dazzle Dry Philippines. As of this post, the Nightlife Collection is already in stock and you may purchase them here. For my international friends, please visit www.dazzledry.com.


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  1. good swatches, lovely colors... especially the Night to Remember :D

  2. Secret Randezvous is amazing !

  3. Beautiful collection! Dazzle Dry Stolen Kiss and Dazzle Dry Secret Rendezvous are my favourites! :-)

  4. Lovely photos, sounds like you had an amazing collections. ,nightclub Barcelona

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