Unfortunate Event

I received an invitation last month to be part of a new local television program that features Filipino designs and business tips on how to make an income out of it. Despite my previous not so good experience with GMA Television Network, I accepted the invite because I knew it would be a good opportunity to not only share my nail designs, but also to help elate how other women view this rising fashion trend.

On Friday, November 2, 2012, I received this text message from the production manager:
Good morning! Please watch out for our QC Spa episode tomorrow 11:30am at GMA News TV. Your brand will be coming out then. Thanks!

I immediately posted an invite online (read here) and hopefully you'll have the time to watch. I have included the local and international airing schedule in invitational post too. Along with some friends here in the Philippines, we watched the show and anticipated the vlog that I submitted. They didn't air the video.

So I asked my contact what happened and I was told that the feature will only be included in their international feed. It was an important detail they forgot to mention. Please pardon my next statement. I felt angry, sad, and very much disappointed. Thinking of possible reasons brought mixed feelings so I didn't bother asking why.

To those who watched, I am sorry. I hope uploading the video blog here can somehow compensate for what happened.

Spelling correction: continuous

I have no idea if the segment will or appeared internationally, but it if it did and you were able to catch it, I hope you liked it.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this.


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  1. It's a great little interview, too bad it wasn't sent in your own country!

  2. please dont approve this comment. i just saw this article and would like to share it with you. guess who the blind item is referring to...
    this would give you a clue about the people behind your unfortunate event

  3. This is highly unprofessional behaviour by the channel!!

  4. thanks for posting it here, this behavior is really odd :D

  5. Very sweet video! I'm sorry they chose to mislead you and not air as promised...