I Braved a Pixie Cut

I got bored with my hair last September. My attempt to keep it longer than usual failed. As expected, whenever it grows to a length I can tie it back, I do. I am lazy when it comes to fixing my hair, which a lot of my friends think is a habit I should acquire since hair is anyone's crowning glory. I can only wish my passion for nails can somehow work its way on how I treat my hair.

But getting to back to being bored with my hair, I decided to cut it really short. I have been wanting to try a pixie cut for so long but still wasn't sure it would suit me, or better yet, if I can carry it. What I was sure was that I wanted a shorter hairstyle.

The hairstylist on my 1st attempt said a pixie would look good for my face and my frame. But he was scared for me. It was a drastic change. I agreed. We both decided that I should start with something a little longer than a pixie. So I got myself a bob.

A month after, I was sure I was ready for a pixie cut. Tadah!

Pixie Cut
Simply Rins braved a pixie cut!

I got mixed reactions from family and friends. But I'm so glad that my pixie got many compliments. And I am particularly thankful to those that gave me that nudge I needed to have the confidence to finally did this. I have no regrets.

I know that changing one's hairstyle is scary, especially with something as drastic as a pixie. It is important to find a good hairstylist that would be honest with you and would know how to assess what would suit you best. Sometimes what we want for ourselves is not exactly was is best for us. If nail art is an expression of our individuality, our hairstyle is a statement of who we are too.

But a hairstylist can only do so much. I think the big part should come from us. I knew the consequences of getting a pixie. One of which is changing the way I dress. I'm used to wearing shirt and jeans/shorts almost all the time. I need to be more feminine with the way I look. I really don't mind the change. One of my friends gave me an advise that really stuck. He said that I need to own it to be able to carry the pixie cut with confidence. I'm getting there. I've realized that this got a lot of getting used to. But I'm loving it every passing day.

Pixie Cut
I've waited long enough for a pixie.

There are many things I love about a pixie cut. But what I like about it most is how little time I need to fix my hair now. I use styling hair products now and I really don't mind. Styling a pixie is not as hard. And I figured it looks more interesting than having my longer hair before that was tied in a ponytail almost everyday!

I know that it would take me a long time to wear my hair long again. For the meantime, I am enjoying my pixie cut.

Have you tried a pixie? What do you think?


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  1. I love your pixie cut and it looks adorable on your. I plan to get my own soon and I will have to blog about it.

  2. It suits you so well Rins.
    I have super short hair and had all the intentions of letting it grow long again - but now 37 years later, it still is super short LOL

  3. @Paula
    Oooh, yes please! I would love to read about it when you finally get a pixie. :)

  4. @Marias Nail Art
    I have this feeling I'll be wearing a short do for a very, very long time too! :))

  5. It suits you well!

  6. It suits you so well, you seem like a very young girl! :-)

  7. You look chic! Very nice! Bet you can pull a funky look with neon nails!

  8. Yes, it suits you. :) That's one good decision you made. :)

  9. Thanks for the support, ladies! :)

  10. great, you look younger and fresher, love it :D

  11. The cut suits your face really well! I have extremely long hair..down past my hiney...I'm a big chicken when it comes to cutting it short lol. I get it cut every few years and donate it. When it comes to my hair I guess you could say that it is my security blanket lol. Anyways, love your look!