Nail Art: Bunch of Flowers

It is no secret that I love vampy colors on my nails. I think it makes my hands and feet look sexy. I have been trying brighter colors lately but my love for darker shades seems forever.

After two days of waiting for a nail art idea to come around, I caved in and decided to just polish my nails first and hope that the design would swing by soon. I had no problems choosing the shade that I wanted. "I want sexy nails!"

Now the challenge is to create a feminine nail design with a very dark polish as background color. I didn't have much time to paint my nails so I opted for something that was quite easy to do and didn't require much precision. I decided to paint flowers using random swirls and I think it worked well.

Here's what I came up with:

Bunch of Flowers Nail Art Design
Bunch of Flowers Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I liked how the colors came in contrast with the vampy base color. I left enough spaces in between the bunches of flowers to make sure this gorgeous shade remains visible.

Bunch of Flowers Nail Art Design on Dazzle Dry Pumped Up Purple
Dazzle Dry Pumped Up Purple

I used 2 coats of Dazzle Dry Pumped Up Purple as base for this nail design. You can view the swatch here, along with other Dazzle Dry colors. I must say that this color is very hard to photograph. My pictures is not giving this shade justice. It appears like a deep brown shade when it is actually a rich, dark purple. Had no problems with application and consistency was really manageable.

Bunch of Flowers Nail Art Design

As for the design, I hand painted the flowers using acrylic paints and a detailing nail art brush. I decided to use 4 colors -- red, pink, yellow, and blue.

The idea was to paint small bunches of roses and to paint them the easiest way possible. Well, since they are small, precision is not really a concern. Painting random swirls helped me achieve the effect that I wanted.

I used white with each color of rose for shading purposes or to make the shape of the roses more evident. I also added a few white dots at random places to take care of awkward spaces.

Bunch of Flowers Nail Art Design

I'll be attending a party within the week and I know this nail design will last until then because I used the Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System. And since this is a totally vegan nail polish, I really don't have to worry about leaving a very pigmented shade on my nails because it will never cause yellowing. How cool is that!?

Vampy and feminine, check! What do you think? :)


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  1. The floweres are gorgeous and perfect very detailed :)

  2. this is beautiful... it looks very similar floral dresses. ^_^

  3. your roses are so perfect, you so good in details... awesome manicure, it looks kinda vintage, love it :D

  4. very beautiful, the roses are just perfect. :)

  5. Beautiful. I'll def have to try something like this one day !!! :)

  6. Really beautiful mani and great painting!

  7. Thanks so much, ladies!

  8. LOVE this! Absolutely love it! I'm nuts about floral print nail art!

  9. i love it! just found your site on pinterest.