The Weeks That Went By

It has been weeks since I've last blogged and polished my nails. August has not been kind. My personal life was a mess and worse, some cities here in the Philippines were under the state of calamity due to continuous heavy rains. Where I live were one of the cities that was greatly affected. The area were our house stood did not get flooded but for almost a week, we didn't have electricity and water supply. Until now, we are still suffering the consequences of a very bad weather and we could only hope and pray for better days to come.

But amid a personally dampened spirit and the rains, there were good things that actually made me smile...
  • Simply Rins is now PR4! I don't know how but I'm happy of what this blog has accomplished. Thank you to everyone who supports, believes, and shares this nail art blog.
  • Dazzle Dry is now in the Philippines and it's amazing how easily I got along with the lady that made it possible. This awesome product was demonstrated to me and I finally got a set that I could personally try. More on this on my review post.
  • I bought a new mobile phone after months of trying to figure out what model to get.
  • And finally ... I started a new collection! Allow me to discuss about this more.

I never really considered myself a nail polish collector even if I know that I buy polishes often. But recently, I found myself enticed with OPI minis. Here's the story:

Last month, my sister went on a vacation and I asked her to buy me an OPI nail lacquer from the Minnie Mouse collection. Due to her hectic schedule, she asked a friend to buy the polish for her and I was more than thankful that it happened because I received the OPI Minnie Minis Collection instead of that one bottle I requested.

OPI Minnie Minis Collection

After that, I suddenly wanted to collect all the OPI minis collection! I know that I'll be having a hard time to get the previous collections but I'm still hoping that I'll eventually complete my collection. I have 3 sets as of this post and I'm hopeful that I'll be getting more before the year ends.

The second set I got was the OPI Spiderman Minis Collection.

OPI Spiderman Minis Collection

One of things I think that got me hooked to OPI minis is the packaging. Every collection comes in a unique box and I simply think it's beautiful. And yes, the mini bottles are so adorable to look at! I just love seeing them on my polish rack.

The latest addition to my collection is the OPI Outrageous Neons that I bought from Digital Traincase.

OPI Outrageous Neons

I actually wanted to swatch them to accompany this post but I couldn't get myself to use them. I figured my collection would appreciate in value in time if they remain unused. I don't know how long I could resist not trying the polishes on these sets but for now, I'm satisfied just by looking at them.

To give you an idea on how these minis look beside a regular bottle:

OPI Nail Lacquers

Don't they look adorable?!?

I wonder what set I'll be able to get next. Can't wait for my collection to grow.

How about you, do you have a specific polish collection?


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  2. wow PR4!!! makes me wonder how many years more do I need to get

    really love looking at your OPI minis collection... they're such an eye candy..hehe

  3. congrats dear :-D
    wish you luck in getting all those opi minis collection :-D

  4. How about getting OPI So So Skullicious Halloween collection? :)

    Pic here -

    And.. by the way what is PR4?

  5. Will be looking for that one!

    Thanks for the heads up! :)