Dazzled by Dazzle Dry

More and more women are opting for fast drying top coats for their manicure simply because time is valuable. We'd almost always want to be able to use our hands even after we have them prettified by a gorgeous polish. I am one of these women and I have tried a few fast drying top coats in the market.

My favorite for a long time now is the Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat which makes any manicure dry to the touch in less than 3 minutes. But this review is not about Seche. It's about Dazzle Dry Quick-Dry Nail Polish System that amazingly dries manicures rock solid in 5 minutes!

I have read raves about this product from various nail bloggers and have been wanting to try them myself. Unfortunately, shipping to my part of the world have been troublesome for me. But lo and behold, Dazzle Dry has made its way here in the Philippines through the persistence of a wonderful lady. And it has also made its way into my stash that makes this review possible.

The Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail Polish System is a revolutionary line of vegan nail care products that promises to completely dry a regular manicure in just 5 minutes. Not just dry to the touch, but rock hard that you can actually try pinching it without leaving any mark. How remarkable is that?

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer
Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail Polish System

The system comes with a ...
  • Nail Prep
  • Base Coat
  • Top Coat
  • wide selection of nail lacquers

One has to use all the products in the nail system to enjoy its benefits and get the results that it promises. The instructions are pretty simple:
  1. Remove any existing polish on your nails. To prepare your nails, wipe the entire surface of each nail with the Dazzle Dry Nail Prep. You may use a cotton ball or a cotton pad for this. This will promote a more effective adherence of the polish and actually helps in strengthening the nails.

    Note: Skip this step for acrylic nails.

  2. Apply the Dazzle Dry Base Coat and let it completely dry before proceeding to the next step. The base coat dries matte. To test whether it is dry, nail surface should NOT be sticky to the touch.

    Note: This step is not necessary for acrylic nails.
    Important: In cold temperature, the base coat may thicken to a gel form. To resolve this, immerse the bottle in warm water to liquefy it.

  3. Polish your nails with your preferred Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer. Like the base coat, most Dazzle Dry polishes dries matte.

  4. Finally, apply a good coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat for a durable and highly glossy finish. Air dry for about 5-10 minutes. Do NOT use a fan as it may promote bubbles. NO need for UV lamps too as it dries really quick.

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers
Dazzle Dry dries matte or semi-matte.
Photo is 2 coats of High Red Velocity without top coat.

Dazzle Dry is all these:
  • it is vegan
  • non-yellowing as it is without Nitrocellulose
  • NO harmful ingredients such as Camphor, Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Phthalate
  • continuous usage helps strengthen nails
  • is chip resistant when system is used properly
  • has Vitamin B5, calcium, and collagen that improves the health of natural nails
  • has UV protection (!)
  • and it dries rock hard in just 5 minutes!
  • top coat is self-leveling, that means that you don't need to worry about visible brush strokes because it gives you a smooth result every time.

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquers
Dazzle Dry Nail Polishes

  • Dazzle Dry Top Coat is now my favorite. Unlike Seche Vite, I didn't have any problem with shrinkage. It actually works with other regular polishes but one cannot expect the same results as when used with the entire Dazzle Dry nail system.
  • The polishes, including base and top coat, comes with a slim brush that fans really well during application. For someone like myself with small nail beds, this is an advantage.
  • To have a manicure dry rock hard in 5 minutes is definitely a plus to nail artists like me. I don't have to wait too long to be able to paint my nails without worrying of ruining my manicure.
  • I change my nail polish twice or thrice a week and so durability for more than a week is not particularly my concern. Honestly, if a manicure/nail design lasts me for at least 3 days without chipping, that is good enough for me. The Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System did not disappoint.

  • With the wide array of polish colors available, I'm still waiting to be awed. The bottles I have now have similar shades on my stash.
  • Not dazzled by the bottle. It is very much like Seche Vite's and Jessica's. I hoped they came up with a unique bottle shape.

Now on to the fun part of this post, the swatches! I have a few colors to share with you. I swatched each one using the Dazzle Dry nail system.

Dazzle Dry High Velocity Red
Dazzle Dry High Velocity Red

Since I love red, allow me to share with you first Dazzle Dry High Velocity Red. I used 2 thin coats and instantly achieved full opacity. Application is a breeze and the consistency is just superb. You'll have no problems with this polish. Personally, I think this is a dazzling basic red. It's a good thing I now have one on my polish rack.

Dazzle Dry Frozen Lemonade
Dazzle Dry Frozen Lemonade

One of the colors I am scared of buying is yellow. It is difficult to find a bottle that will not be problematic when it comes to application. But this wasn't the case with Dazzle Dry Frozen Lemonade. It has a thin consistency but is surprisingly opaque in 2 coatings. Application is very manageable. This would be a great base color for nail designs that needs a light background.

Bleu Rose
Dazzle Dry Bleu Rose

I am not a fan of Dazzle Dry Bleu Rose. I just didn't like the color and the polish itself had lumps that transferred to my nails during application. You can see the lumps inside the container and it has been the first time I've experienced something like this. Perhaps I just got a bad bottle. I used 2 coats to reach complete coverage for this swatch and aside from the lumps, application was easy.

Dazzle Dry Fast Track Cherry
Dazzle Dry Fast Track Cherry

Next is Dazzle Dry Fast Track Cherry, a very deep red that is almost chocolate-y. Love! Love! Love! This polish can be a one coater but since I'm an OC, I did 2 coatings for a richer look. Application is like child's play due to its fine consistency. If you're into vampy shades too, I recommend trying this color. It looks really sexy.

Dazzle Dry Grape Lollipop
Dazzle Dry Grape Lollipop

From dark to bright! The moment I saw Dazzle Dry Grape Lollipop, I instantly knew I've got to have one. It's a yummy bright purple, almost neon in my opinion. Consistency was a bit thick that made application tricky. I was doubtful with the opacity at first but this polish proved me wrong when I got complete coverage in just 2 coats. This color is perfect for summer and in any occasion in which you'd like to make a statement.

Dazzle Dry Blueberry Sno Cone
Dazzle Dry Blueberry Sno Cone

Another gorgeous shade is Dazzle Dry Blueberry Sno Cone, a royal blue polish that would definitely bring audiences to your nails. Why there is no "w" in the Sno, I don't know. But I do know that it has marvelous consistency, it didn't thicken at all during application. I had no trouble applying this on my nails.

Dazzle Dry Nocturnal Blue
Dazzle Dry Nocturnal Blue

Getting the Dazzle Dry Nocturnal Blue is personal to me simply because of its name. Yes, I am nocturnal. I am more productive and more active in the evening. And so I hoped that this bottle will not disappoint me when I try it. Well, it did NOT! Application was straightforward and consistency is super. I don't mind at all that this shade is named nocturnal, I'm glad to share the adjective with something this pretty.

Dazzle Dry White Lightning
Dazzle Dry White Lightning

What I feel for yellow polishes is the same for white ones. It's hard to find bottles that has consistency that does not thicken easily. But Dazzle Dry White Lightning surprised me with its formula. I had no troubles during application and was fully opaqued in 2 coats. I haven't really worn white polish as is on my nails. I usually just use them for nail designs, particularly for accent nails, mainly because I can't get a smooth finish. White Lightning is a pure white nail lacquer that I now love. Will probably gather enough courage to wear it as is one of these days.


I don't have that much nudes in my stash because I think it doesn't go well with my skin tone. But I just had to get Dazzle Dry Honeysuckle as it really looked lovely in bottle. Sadly, consistency was really gooey and it was hard to manage brush strokes during application. Perhaps adding a small amount of thinner would help. I'll have to try that the next time I decide to give this color another go.

Dazzle Dry Pumped Up Purple
Dazzle Dry Pumped Up Purple

No, that is not black. Dazzle Dry Pumped Up Purple is actually a very deep purple color. As you can see, it is very difficult to photograph. I couldn't get an accurate shot of the shade. In the picture, it looks like dark chocolate. This is one vampy color that I don't mind keeping. I used 2 coats for the swatch but is actually opaque in just one coating. Application is easy and consistency was wonderful.

Dazzle Dry Heart of Fire
Dazzle Dry Heart of Fire

I not sure if I have mentioned here in my blog that pink is a color I am not comfortable of wearing. But I'm sure my sister (who loves pink) will love Dazzle Dry Heart of Fire. Consistency was a little thick that made application difficult.

Dazzle Dry Electrifying
Dazzle Dry Electrifying

I'd like to show you first how sheer Dazzle Dry Electrifying before I show you my swatch because among the Dazzle Dry nail lacquers I tested, the result of this swatch came as a complete surprise to me. I didn't expect to get full coverage even with 3 coats. Take a look:

Dazzle Dry Electrifying
Dazzle Dry Electrifying

Electrifying is a bright red with a hint of orange. It is beautiful. 2 coats would be enough if you don't mind a little visibility of your nail bed. As for me, I always like my manicures fully opaque so I decided to add another layer. Consistency is quite thin but that really didn't matter at all with the application and the coverage. Simply amazing.

As of this post, Dazzle Dry Philippines is not into retail as of the moment. If you'd like to purchase or experience this wonderful product, you may visit any of the nail salons that carries Dazzle Dry. Simply visit the Dazzle Dry Philippines Facebook Page to know which salons you can go for your dazzling experience. :)

You may also want to join the ongoing nail art contest that Dazzle Dry Philippines is hosting. Click here to view the mechanics. The contest is ONLY open to valid residents of the Philippines. This is a shout out to all my fellow Filipina nail art enthusiast to accept this creative challenge and join. Sometimes, it is not really about winning. It's about the experience. ;)

For more details on the product, please visit the Dazzle Dry Website.

Disclosure: The Dazzle Dry Quick Dry Nail System was given to me as a gift and for consideration along with a few bottles of Dazzle Dry nail lacquers. I purchased the other bottles to share with you more colors.


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    Great swatches! My favourites are Nocturnal Blue, Pumped Up Purple and White Lightning :-)

  2. Hello Rins!

    Thank you for sharing your views about Dazzle Dry.


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