Glam Nails and Skin Spa

Ever since my favorite nail salon closed about 3 years ago, I've been looking for an alternative, preferably somewhere near where I live and is open till late at night. I love ending a good day with some hand and nail pampering. I am almost tired because most often than not, I go home unsatisfied or worse, wounded. Anyway, I was driving one night when I chanced upon Glam Nails and bookmarked it so I could visit it on my next pampering crave. I was able to last month and I'd like to share with you my experience.

The Nail Salon
I went to Glam Nails and Skin Spa in Quezon City a few weeks ago. This is one of the 6 stores nationwide and it opened its services last December 2011.

The moment I stepped in the salon, it was promising. It was comfortably large and based on my personal count, it can comfortably sit 8 clients simultaneously in these lovely chairs:

Glam Nails and Skin Spa

The place reminded me of my good friend's wedding that had the same color theme -- purple and apple green. I actually thought it was a good choice of color for a spa. It is welcoming to both genders. The earth tone colors of the furniture and equipment used complemented the motif as well. The seats were not the usual recliners but was comfortable and spacing was enough for nail technicians to move around you.

Services Offered:
  • Hand and foot services
  • Full body massages
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Dermatological and Cosmetic Services

Price for a manicure starts at Php80 ($2) and a pedicure for Php100 ($2.5). During my visit, I availed of their hand spa with reflexology and foot spa with reflexology. The service already included manicure and pedicure and cost me almost Php1000 ($24).

  • Spacious
By far, it is the most roomy nail salon I have been to and I like it for that. People come to salons for some personal time and well, to relax. It is not so relaxing to be at a small or crowded place. Further, the salon's lighting is conducive for relaxation. To compensate for the lighting, each station has a stand lamp to help them in servicing clients.

  • Creative
The hand spa included a full arm scrub. The problem with this is the risk of getting your clothes wet or having a messy personal space after since it requires rinsing. And so I thought it was a brilliant idea when the nail technician carefully wrapped an end of a towel onto my shirt sleeve that consequently draped at the back on my arm. The purpose was to catch water and exfoliants that could fall from my arm during the scrubbing. I wonder how they would do it if the client was wearing a tube top.

Glam Nails and Skin Spa

  • No Rush
I have to admit that seeing that reflexology was available in their menu of services immediately made me decide that I wanted it. Like my mother, I enjoy a good hand and foot massage. But unlike most nail salons I've been to, the masseuse that attended to me didn't rush the service. I had a good and relaxing hand and foot massage without the rush. It was the highlight of my experience. If I would go back, I would most probably go back for the reflexology. I just hope that it would be the same no-rush experience even if the salon is packed with clients.

  • Practical
I was reunited with the wooden tub during my visit to Glam Nails. But I didn't see the usual plastic that came with it, which I personally think is more practical in terms of being environmental friendly. The tub was used to rinse my feet and legs after scrubbing. Some nail salons opt to place a plastic on the tub for hygienic purposes. In my book, it would be hygienic as long as the tub is properly washed after every use. The risk is to trust the nail salon for this because the client don't really witness the cleaning.

Glam Nails and Skin Spa

I also like this small wooden basin they use for rinsing my arms:

Glam Nails and Skin Spa

  • Accommodating Staff
From the moment I stepped in to the time I left, the staff were really friendly and very accommodating. I think that's important in making a client feel comfortable and welcome. They were very patient too as I wanted to take photos of the service.

  • Redundant
The foot spa included a foot soak and Glam Nails used an electronic foot tub. I wonder why they didn't use the wooden tub for the foot soak. I think it would be classier. They could probably add some stones for foot relaxation. Or, if they prefer to use the conventional foot tub, might as well use it for rinsing.

Glam Nails and Skin Spa

  • Restricted and Regular
As a blogger, I almost always have my camera with me, especially when I visit a nail salon that I want to review. I started to take some photos after my session but was not able to take enough to my satisfaction because one of the owners kept asking me what the photos were for. I kept telling her it is for Facebook and that I love uploading photos of places I've been to there. But I guess I wasn't convincing and I felt restricted. So I went to the counter to settle my bill, feeling disappointed. While I was paying, I was asked the same question. By this time, I figured I'd introduce myself as a nail art blogger and that I do occasional nail salon reviews. After that, she was more friendly and introduced me to her daughter that owns the salon.

I was taken aback when I finally met the owner. She was inside the nail room when I arrived. I had a gut feel that she might be the owner but dismissed it when I was not approached or welcomed. I always believe that a good service starts with welcoming a client, whoever they may be. If we can go gaga over a celebrity that visits our shop, we should do the same to every customer. A good chit chat can actually encourage a repeating client.

  • Paying Extra
I didn't ask for nail polishing during my visit. First of all, I forgot to bring my own polishes. Yes, I am quite particular with regards to that. I bring my own base coat, polish, and top coat. Second, I didn't want to pay extra for a premium polish. For a posh salon that offers services at premium prices, I think paying extra for particular brands of nail lacquers should be inclusive of the price.

Glam Nails and Skin Spa

  • Wounded
I discovered I had 2 wounds on my left foot when I got home. It was sad because I really expected a good service. Some may say that perhaps my expectations are high. I say, I just want to get my money's worth. Nail professionals should be able to adjust depending on the client's nail or skin conditions. I often get comments that I have very thin skin and this prompts me to always ask nail techs to be careful.

You can visit Glam Nails and Skin Spa at 2F Jardin de Zenaida, Sgt. Esguerra St., Quezon City and you may contact them at (02) 3760135 or visit their official website at Business hours is from 12nn to 12 midnight everyday.

Disclosure: My personal experience with Glam Nails may be different from yours. Please be guided accordingly when you plan your visit. Further, my visit to Glam Nails was done anonymously, without invitation, and I fully paid for all the services that I availed.


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