Noey Nail Room

I've always been fascinated with nail salons. Probably because I always look forward to quality alone time and its one place I know I will enjoy myself. Well, I have a few nail salons on my list that I wanted to visit but ever since my nail tragedy (suffered from brittle nails), I decided to delay the visits until my nails were ready, and they are! Yey!

The Nail Salon:
So a week ago, I had some time after work and decided to pay Noey Nail Room a visit. It officially opened its doors last January 2012. Its a small room inside Nayon Spa and can sit 3 clients comfortably.

Noey Nail Room

As of this posting, they offer the following services:
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Hand and Foot Spa
  • Nail Art
  • Threading
  • Waxing

Prices are very reasonable. Manicure starts at Php150 ($3.5) and they have packages that would allow you to pay less for combined services. During my visit, I tried the Hand and Foot Spa for Php780 ($19).

They only use 2 brands of nail polish -- Zoya and Misa -- because the owners want the salon to be kid friendly. Vegan or big 3 free polishes are best for this objective. I hope they could include more brands of nail lacquer as most are already big 3 free.

  • Clean and Simple
The moment I stepped in the Noey Nail Room, its simplicity immediately came to mind. The furniture, pillows, and everything else was kept simple. Walls were in plain white, which I really love because it really brightens the room and eliminates the need for nail technicians to use portable lamps.

Noey Nail Room

I found the wood furniture with separate pillows unique. Most nail salons have fancy sofas. The problem with the latter is that it is harder to clean. I find the setup in Noey Nail Room more practical without sacrificing the comfort.

Noey Nail Room

Tools and other nail paraphernalias were also neatly organized in a basket, along with clean towels. I always find it nice to see lotions, nail polish remover, cuticle softener, etc. in separate and clear bottle organizers.

  • Original
Instead of magazines that one would normally find in most nail salons to pass the time, you will find books (!) inside Noey Nail Room. I was pleased! I think this is more effective than harboring a lot of magazines that are months or even a year old. There was a variety of books available when I visited and there were books appropriate for kids too. Hopefully they'll be able to fill that shelf with more books!

Noey Nail Room

  • Toe Separators
Noey Nail Room is the 2nd nail salon I have visited that uses rolled and twisted tissue paper as toe separators. I am a fan of that ingenuity. It is more sanitary to use those compared to the usual foam toe separators that are used commonly by clients.

Noey Nail Room

  • Wi-Fi
The wifi is stable and fast! This may not be important to most but personally, I enjoy a good internet connection. My mobile phone is a good company and having wifi connection is a plus!


Service is the main reason for me to come back to a nail salon and I had a not so nice experience with my visit to Noey Nail Room. No matter how comfortable the sofa or how great the ambiance is, I always feel that it all boils down to service and this greatly depends on the nail technician that takes care of me. She had shaky hands and was too afraid to clean my nails because I had really thin skin and so my hand and foot spa finished in fast forward.


Noey Nail Room is located at 92-C Katipunan Ave., White Plains, 1604 Quezon City and you may contact them at (02) 2384032 or at 09178916296 to book an appointment. Look for Nayon Spa that is right beside Kitaro restaurant.

Disclosure: Owner of Noey Nail Room invited me to visit their nail salon. For impartial review, I always visit nail salons anonymously and I fully paid for all services I availed. My personal experience with Noey Nail Room may be different from yours.


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  1. I've never seen a nail salon like this before. It seems nice and less chaotic than most here that have 15-20 people working and the noise level is horrendous. Sorry the tech wasn't up to par, otherwise it seems it would have been a great experience!

  2. @Kaki @ GlitterObsession
    Yes, it was different but in a good way. I love to escape to less crowded places.

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