Nail Art: Brown Ombre and Dots

My first nail art for this year is an ombre. Gradient is a term I often use to refer to this kind of manicure but I was introduced to the term "ombre" that most nail art bloggers say in their posts. Honestly, I really don't know what it means. Thanks to ever dependable Google, I learned that it is a French word for shading.

I have been wanting to do something like this ever since I saw one but at the time, my nail polish stash is very limited in colors ... it is still until now, but has grown a little. When I finally decided to finally try one, brown was the first color that popped in my mind. So I looked for 5 nail lacquers that would create the look.

Here's my brown ombre manicure:

Brown Ombre and Dots Nail Art Design
Brown Ombre Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

I polished the nail on my pinky with the lightest color and the darkest on my thumbnail. You can do it the other way around. It would really depend on your personal preference.

What I like about this nail art is its simplicity. I don't think it can get any simpler than this. If you know how to polish your own nails and you have the colors to work with, this is probably the simplest nail art ever! Also, if you're trying to get into nail art, I personally think this is a good start to be comfortable decorating your nails.

Brown Ombre and Dots Nail Art Design

Here are the polishes I used, in 2 coats each:
  • Pinky: Orly Pure Porcelain
  • Ring: Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days
  • Middle: Orly Country Club Khaki
  • Index: Essie Mink Muffs
  • Thumb: Faceshop BR802

Important things to remember when creating an ombre nail art:
  • Work with nail polishes that have the same finish or texture.
  • The lightest color is not necessarily white.
  • If you can create an ombre nail art with subtle transitions of shades, I think that would look absolutely amazing.

I really liked how my first ombre manicure turned out. I plan to do more soon, especially with my favorite color. :)

After a few days of wearing this, I decided to add a design. Since it is still January, I wanted to wear something with dots. From where I am, we have this belief that wearing polka dots to welcome a new year will bring good luck and wealth. This is also the reason why we fill our pockets with coins too during the new year. Unfortunately, I do not own a single polka dot inspired piece of clothing. How sad is that? But it is never too late for anything, right? So I decided to add random dots on my ombre nails.

Brown Ombre and Dots Nail Art Design

I used white, yellow, and pink nail polishes to create the dots in different sizes. I have mixed feelings with the outcome but I did love the color combination. I'm not sure if I should have used darker shades of colors for the dots.

What do you think?

P.S. My camera is with my sister for the weekend when I did this nail art. Thanks to nanay who lent me her digicam until I got mine back.


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  1. This really cute, and the color combination is very nice!

  2. I really like this manicure a lot! You do have some beautiful brown nail polishes. :)

  3. Cute retro design!

  4. I like the simplicity but I don't think I can manage the gradient shades with my limited stash

  5. Very nice! I have yet to do an ombre mani! On to my endless list of things to do!

  6. I love the color combination. I think the dots are perfect. The yellow and white are very apparent on the thumb and then you see more of the pink on the pinky. I love the way the dots morphed even though it's the same colors.

  7. So cute, I love ombre mani!

  8. Like you, I'd never heard the word "ombre" used for gradient or shading until I started reading nail blogs. Your polka dotted version is really pretty though. Subtle and still very attractive. =)

  9. I like both the Ombre and the Dots. Beautiful! :)

  10. I love ombre nails! I just don't have the right colors for it, I'm afraid, and my mixing experimentation proved a failure. I see what you mean on the dots, though. I might have gone with greens and blues for the dots, so they'd stand out on each nail. But this color combo is fun too ;)

  11. I love this manicure, alone and with dots. I've never done ombre nail art and I want to try :D

  12. This is so cute!! I love ombre manis as well. I've done brown as well, but I used only one polish (a dark one) and mixed more and more white as I went along so it got lighter. I have to try it with all different colors. I feel like that might be harder though.
    The dots look great!! Nice take on an ombre. I like the colors you chose. It goes well with all of the shades.

  13. Eheh as a french girl i think it's very funny because in french nail art we're always saying english words so the contrary is fun ^^
    By the way it's really beautiful as usual ! :D

  14. Hi, ladies!

    I'm surprised to read your wonderful comments. Surprised because I really had mixed feelings with the dots I added. But I fell in love with the brown ombre that I am definitely going to try out more nail designs based on this manicure. I can only hope I have the polishes to do it. :)

  15. love it, you choose nice colors, they look great together :-D


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