Nail Art Tutorial: Santa's Elves

It's hard to feel the Christmas season with so much terrible things happening around the world right now. But sometimes, we have to try harder to see the positive side of things. Sorry for being cryptic. I know you get what I meant. :)

By now, Santa's elves are probably so busy making all those toys for all the good children around the world. I wish I was a kid again so I can get what I want for Christmas! Just have to make sure I'm good! I would like to dedicate this Christmas nail art design to Santa's hardworking elves, without them, Santa wouldn't have gifts to give to all those great kids on Christmas Day!

Santa's Elves Nail Art Design
Santa's Elves Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Base color is 2 coats of Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau, a light blue color, and I topped it with a coat of Faceshop BL602 for a little shimmer.

The elves are hand painted with acrylic paints. I used a detailing nail art brush for this design.

Santa's Elves Nail Art Design

The idea is to paint the elves with big heads and slim body. I think they are cute that way. I also decided to paint 2 elves on each hand. One wearing a red suit and the other, green. I would have love to paint elves on all my nails but that take a longer time, and I didn't have that much.

If you have been following my nail art blog for awhile, you might have noticed that I am fond of painting designs from the side of my nail instead of centering it on the nail. Personally, it allows me to enjoy the base color too and I think it looks interesting that way since it gives a different perspective.

Santa's Elves Nail Art Design

For the other nails, I decided to dab different sizes of white dots to get that snowy effect. I figured since Santa and his elves live in the north pole, might as well create that scenery on this Santa's Elves nail design. I think it looked subtly nice.

I was able to create a nail art tutorial for this Christmas nail design for those who would like to try them. Here it is:

This design is one of the top answers from one of our Facebook conversations. I would love to get your ideas and suggestions. Please join us at Simply Rins' Facebook Page. I would love to get to know you more.

Let me know what you think about these elves. :)


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  1. This is so cute!!
    I love this mani!

  2. wOOw adorable nail art! Thank for tutorials

  3. This is sooooooooooooooo adorable:)

  4. awwwwwww, adorable!!! i'll have to try these out :)

  5. These are too cute for words! Love it :)

  6. You're really talented Ms.Rins! =)

  7. So well done,like all your designs.You are true inspiration,specialy for nai art beginers like myself

  8. Sooooo Cuuuuute! OMG!

  9. Hi, rock-or-not!
    I'm glad you liked my version of Santa's elves. :)

    Hi, Dhini!
    Thank you! Will you be trying this Christmas nail design? :)

    Hi, Emm!
    My sister found them adorable too! ;)

    Hi, Enamel Girl!
    Oh, please let me know how your version turns out. :)

  10. Hi, Anutka!
    Thank you. Took me a few tries before I decided they are "cute" enough to be posted here. :)

    Hi, AnGeLiQuE!
    I'm glad you saw it that way. :)

    Hi, ~*~Amber~*~!
    Yay! I never thought people would find my elves this cute! Thank you! ;)

    Hi, Zarina Villanueva!
    You are too, dear. :)

  11. Hi, Mimi!
    I know what it is like to be a newbie at nail art and that is why one of my objectives for this blog is to help or inspire those that share the same passion. Thank you for letting me know that I have inspired you. That meant a lot. :)

    Hi, ChromaCraze!
    I'm happy to read your comment ... and my elves too are smiling, I'm sure! :)

    Hi, Julz!
    Thanks! :)

    Hi, Kejal!
    Can you say that to the nail artist behind it as well? Just kidding! :)

  12. grabe sobrang cute nito....SUUPPEEERRR LLIIKKKEEEE ms.rins

  13. It's a beautiful design and soooo cute!! :D

  14. oh rina, this is so cute, love it :-D

  15. Hi, chie!
    Salamat! Sana masubukan mo. :)

    Hi, istarh!
    It feels good to know that you feel that way. ;)

    Hi, Camy!
    Thanks for saying that it is. I enjoyed painting these elves. :)

    Hi, nail crazy!
    I now feel cute (even if I am not) because you find this cute! :P

  16. OMG I just Looooooove it !!! Too cuuute ♥

  17. way too cute! gonna have to try it!

  18. Hi, Tenshi!
    My elves are loving you back! ;)

    Hi, Valerie!
    I feel honored that you'd like to try this design. :)

  19. im just a newbie in doing nailart and i really find it hard in doing my right hand because im a right handed person.. i wanted to try those cute little elves.. i just hope they turn out cute just like yours.. tnx..

  20. im just a newbie in doing nailart and i really find it hard in doing my right hand because im a right handed person.. i wanted to try those cute little elves.. i just hope they turn out cute just like yours.. tnx..

  21. Hi! I tried this one out. :) I hope you could check it out and tell me what you think. Thanks. :)