Nail Art: Manny Pacquaio ... Again

Clearly, this is not another Christmas nail art idea. Please forgive me that I am now breaking my promise of sharing a series of nail designs inspired by the yuletide season that started with my Christmas Garlands nail art a few days ago. I have a good reason for this, promise!

This nail art is a tribute to Filipino pound-for-pound boxer, Manny "Pacman" Pacquaio, who successfully defended his welterweight title against challenger, Juan Manuel Marquez last November 13 at MGM in Las Vegas. Once again, you gave pride to your fellow Filipinos. We are truly proud of you. And since nail painting is what I love to do, I hope this Manny Pacquaio inspired nail design is enough to show my appreciation to your dedication and hard work.

Manny Pacquaio Nail Art Design by Simply Rins

Base colors are Sally Hansen Black Out for black and OPI Alpine White for accent nails, polished in 2 coats. All designs were hand painted using acrylic paints and nail art brushes.

I made 4 accent nails, 2 on each hand.

I painted Manny Pacquaio's face and his name logo on my left hand. I was tempted to replicate how I painted his portrait on my first Manny nail design, but decided to come up with something different since he doesn't wear a full moustache anymore. I know in my heart that I could have done a better job with this but honestly, my hands were shaking when I was doing this. I'll get to that later. ;)

On my right hand, I chose to paint boxing gloves to represent the sport of boxing. Like I always do, I try to place a simpler design on my right hand as I'll be working with my weaker hand. The gloves, I think, is a good choice.

I wanted to paint the Philippine flag in one of my nails but we were running out of time. I'll explain this in awhile. ;) I didn't want to leave the other nails bare so I figured I'd paint some stripes using the colors of our flag. It was a good compromise and I liked it.

Okay, so why was my hand shaking and why didn't I have time to paint our country's flag? You see, a few days ago, I gladly obliged to a request by a local television network to feature my Manny Pacquaio nail art. Yesterday was the day of the shooting and I was really nervous that my hand kept shaking. They also wanted to cover a lot of nail art ideas that I didn't have enough time to do the flag.

Here's a glimpse of the shoot:

I was particularly excited for this feature because I did the design on my own nails! I know I don't have exactly the prettiest hands, but this opportunity is a dream come true for me. I have long wanted to record on video how I paint my nails. But nail artists would agree that we can't just place our hand flat on the table all the time, so mounting a video camera on a tripod simply wouldn't work all the time. But having a cameraman scrutinizing me while I work made me really conscious that I made some erasures on the design during the shoot. In fact, I was more nervous working on my nails compared to the short interview. Nevertheless, the experience was awesome!

The feature will be aired this Sunday, November 20 at GMA News TV, Channel 11 at 8:00pm. Other Manny Pacquaio inspired creations by other Filipinos will also be featured. If you have time, I hope you can watch the news segment and perhaps you can get a glimpse of how I paint my nails!

To my international friends, I will be posting a video of the segment once it has been uploaded by the television network.

To everyone, thank you for appreciating my nail designs. It is because of you that opportunities like this knocks on my door.


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  1. That is so perfect!! Yay PAC MAN for keeping his title of Champion!!

  2. Now you are a celebrity :D you are always on TV XD Congratulations!! I cannot wait to watch the video!!

  3. too bad. i missed it by few mins. hope you could upload a video.

  4. Saw your nail art feature in GMA 11 a while ago. That was a nice break for you! Congratz and keep it up! -Jessa ^_^

  5. Hi, C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog!
    Thank you, I found the boxing gloves the cutest. :P

  6. Hi, Kaydi!
    Every Pinoy (I think) is proud of him. I'm glad you appreciate my nail art. :)

  7. Hi, istarh!
    Oh no, I am not a celebrity. But I am truly happy that nail art is slowly being recognized here in our country as a worthy art. :)

  8. Hi, Bo!
    The video is already posted here or please visit my YouTube Channel at

  9. Hi, Jessa!
    Thanks for letting me that you were able to watch the segment. That means a lot to me. I hope you enjoyed the feature. :)

  10. wish to be like u someday!!