Mis Cosas Eco Bag

It is always a good thing to take care of the environment, no matter how small. Here in the Philippines, local governments are beginning to implement the anti-plastic law in their respective cities. It may cause some adjustments but I believe that this is a positive step. Who else would take care of mother nature, right?

The people behind Mis Cosas is helping promote environmental awareness by coming up with reusable bags. I personally use such bags whenever I go to the grocery or shopping. Earlier this month, I had the privilege of owning my very own Mis Cosas Carry Alls in crayola, a beige color.

Mis Cosas Reusable Bag

Size (opened): 15" width x 25" height x 6" depth
Size closed: 6" x 6" inches with wristlet 7" diameter

The good things about Mis Cosas Carry Alls are:
  • They are foldable and compact. It would easily fit a medium sized bag.
  • It comes with a pouch where you can tuck your Mis Cosas after using.

  • Mis Cosas Reusable Bag

  • These bags are durable. They are made of Diamond Ripstop Taffeta, that are considered one of the strongest nylons in the market. I actually tested it with a filled 6 liter water container and it held really well!
  • It is a versatile eco bag. Aside from using it for groceries or shopping, you can take it to the beach, and this would be a great to bring along when you travel. An extra bag can sometimes come in handy.

  • Mis Cosas Reusable Bag

  • It is big enough to carry at least 2 plastic grocery bags worth of items! How cool is that!
  • Mis Cosas Carry Alls comes in different colors. Perhaps you can get all the colors to match your outfit for the day. Who says that reusable bags can't be chic?
  • The handles are long enough to carry over your shoulder or hang on your arm.
  • They are very affordable. It costs Php250 ($6) each.

Here are the not so good things I experienced with the bag:
  • It takes extra effort to get the bag out and back in the pouch because of the overlap infront (please refer to 2nd photo). To circumvent this, I pushed the overlap fully at the back so that the pouch would be open like this at all times:

  • Mis Cosas Reusable Bag

    The bag would still be secured inside the pouch as it fits nicely and it would now be easier to get or tuck the bag inside the pouch. If they could create a more manageable pouch, I think that would be great.

  • I feel that the bag straps would be better placed on its longest width side (the front) instead of being attached on the sides. These reusable bags are very much patterned to grocery bags that are meant for hand carry. When I placed my Mis Cosas Carry Alls on my shoulder, it felt and looked awkward. I would have wanted the straps positioned as if they are ladies' bags to make it comfortable to hang on the shoulders.

  • Mis Cosas Reusable Bag

I think carrying with you at all times an eco bag is a good habit. It is a small sacrifice to help conserve the environment. That being said, I really appreciate the people behind Mis Cosas for reminding us that we need to be responsible shoppers.

You can purchase this reusable bag at the Mis Cosas Multiply Site.

Disclosure: This product was sent to the author for product consideration.


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  1. I carry something similar to this. Least we can do for environment!

    BTW,Thank youuu for visiting me. I am such a huge fan of your nail art=)

  2. Hi, Emm!
    I love bags like these because they are practical and is being responsible at the same time.

    I am now a follower of your blog. I'm looking forward to getting to know you more. :)

  3. I like the bag and your nails. Its really wonderful it really looks simply fashionable. :D

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